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Working from Home, Happily: The Extroverted Introvert’s Guide

Admit it, if you’re the extroverted-introvert type you probably jumped for joy at the sound of ‘work from home’ when it became an everyday part of our global lexicon. You probably thought “No people. No forced awkward interactions. This. Is. My. Time.”

You and I both, my friend, you and I both. Add to the equation a new job that was fully remote, I had entered Nirvana. Or so I thought.

If you’re also working from home either most of the time or 100% and not sure if you’re getting the enjoyment out of it that you originally thought you would, let’s try to make it a bit better together.

What’s the biggest challenge of working from home for an extroverted introvert?

Samantha Maria echoed my exact sentiments in a video earlier this year; I too thought I would be happy as a lark being at home more often, since starting a new and fully remote job. As the months went by, coupled with lockdowns and coffee shops being closed, I actually began craving time and space outside of the house. I craved being around other people, even one or two others.

That’s the thing with us extroverted introverts; we aren’t anti-social ‘shy’ beings. There are levels of social interactions that we’re not only comfortable with, but that we actually need. The thing about it is, we have to be rested and recharged to really thrive in social settings. I find myself missing the interactions that come with a traditional office ‘job’.

On another side of things, it’s tough not being able to separate work from home. That I also miss. There’s a relief in being able to leave work at work when you head home (and vice versa) that simply can’t be beat.

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There are days when the downsides of my fully remote job get to be too unbearable. Like most inconveniences whether big or small, there’s always some way to make a situation a little less of a ‘negative’ and in the midst of this new work setup, this extroverted introvert has carved out some little ways to ‘enjoy’ this chapter of life. I hope you’ll be inspired by them too:

How You Too Can Make WFH More Bearable

  • Jazz up the mundane parts of tasks: I’m naturally a ‘planner girl’ so I am fully invested in the paper planner world and everything that comes with it, the stationery especially. Making simple things like a list of ideas or notes from a meeting look pretty with washi tapes, chic adult stickers (they do exist; if you want me to suggest several brands I’d be happy to) adds a little more excitement to those tasks.
  • Get outside: to switch up the monotony of being behind the same four walls 25/8, I spend a few hours in the beginning of the work day in the back patio. Can we talk about how therapeutic clear blue skies can be? If you’re a lover of the outdoors, ecotherapy is a must for your wellbeing, even in the smallest ways. For me, that small way is two hours in our backyard
  • Music to set your mood: At my old in-office job I had no kind of say over the music that was played and my boss didn’t like us wearing headphones all day. Having a ‘soundtrack’ for the day now really helps to lessen the ‘loneliness’ of my new work environment. What makes the day easier, and actually fun? A long lofi playlist; you can find my favourites here and here.
  • Stay hydrated and eat as well as possible: Yeah, I went there. Only saying it because I’ve found it to be true. A higher water intake has helped me feel more energized and focused during the day. A concentrated effort to eat lighter meals during the day keeps me away from that afternoon slump, that food coma that makes me feel yuck. These two changes combined always help make the day go by that much better.

Which one of these can you see yourself trying out? The disadvantages of working from home can be turned around by pockets of positive changes to your workday routine. Start with something as simple as turning on some fun (or chill, or calm, whichever works for you) music. Here’s to happier work-from-home days and weeks!