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Why This Woman Won’t Be Giving Up Social Media Anytime Soon

With all the controversy behind Facebook’s (well, Mark Z’s) mess-ups with people’s personal data being misused, many companies and heads of companies have reportedly said “Syonara!” to the social media platform.

After reading (ironically, via the Facebook app itself) about several brands and their owners deciding to close their chapter of the book, such as Elon Musk’s Tesla, SpaceX, and Mozilla (Firefox) in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, along with a few snarky headlines of “Here’s Why You Should Delete Your Facebook”, a few questions came to mind.

I wondered at first if people would really quit Facebook in droves because of this. Then, I wondered what would it take for me to actually make a decision to divorce myself from a social media platform in 2018, whether it be Instagram, Facebook or another. It took me all of two seconds, at best, to admit that I couldn’t see myself quitting social media.

But that’s pretty obvious, right? That as a blogger, 99% of what I do, share and like is displayed on social media — so of course I’m attached to it. Well, yes and no.

Social media has been, for the most part, so good to me and for me, for most of my teens and twenties. Aside from the dreaded FOMO-feelings (hello, birthday parties I wasn’t invited to) and occasional single-girl jealousy pangs (hello, #couplegoals floating around my explore feed), I must say we have a good thing going on.

Friendships Formed

Some of the kindest, sweetest and funniest souls I know, I’ve actually met online before meeting them in person. Yes, I am that girl who has Internet friends, and proud of it! The way I see it, since social media platforms typically ask us to indicate our interests, hobbies and so on, they’re essentially helping us out in the friendship-forming department. It has saved me a lot of time knowing that the persons I have bonded with online share so many of the same interests, passions and values.

Did I mention the darling bloggers and influencers I’ve also met online, who have helped me through many a rough patch or been inspirations in one way or another? They’ve been all introduced to me via social media.

Influencers like Kel of Anxious Lass, through her Mental Health blog, has echoed many of the thoughts floating around my mind about overcoming anxiety. As cliche as this may sound, knowing that you’re not ‘the only one’ really does help in overcoming personal struggles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found relief and understanding through her words.

Ijeoma of KlassyKinks by Ijeoma Kola is another influencer and self-professed ‘friend-my-head’ who inspires me in many ways. When she says that she’s thriving, this woman means it! I’ve written about her before, for my International Women’s Day feature.

Mattie of is the big sister I’ve never had but would’ve loved to, and she is one of the most approachable and helpful influencers I have ever come across. I’d been reading her blog long before starting my own, and listening to her and hubby’s podcasts. I adore watching her family, and sister Maya on IG and her go-getter, no-nonsense-all-chic attitude added to her genuine nature is always a joy to watch. Did I mention that her style is all things chic?

Always Learning

The App Store has become a little treasure chest nested in my phone. I’m a sucker for discovering new apps. Most of my absolute favourites, I have found through – you guessed it – recommendations on social media.

My love affair with Flipboard, Medium, Eventbrite, CultureTrip and a handful of others was kindled by recommendations and demos by either articles or videos I’d read and watched about them. Another favourite that I check on the daily? Apple’s Podcast app. (Did you know I also have a podcast series? More on that another day though). Some of my favourite podcasts range from self-help and motivational ones like Gretchen Rubin’s Happier and Sarah Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic, real-time news podcasts like BBC’s Africa Today and Business Daily and other educational ones like The Dave Ramsey Show and The Accidental Creative. I recommend you check them all out by the way, you won’t regret it.

Carving Out A Creative Space

I’ve only discovered over the past two years or so that you can create your own personal space for anything you are passionate about online. Literally anything. Gone are the days when most people’s Instagram accounts were one big mish-mash of their morning coffees, their latest restaurant outing and a random pretty tree they passed on the street (although I have nothing against people who do that!). Over the years, people have begun creating accounts solely dedicated to their love for and collection of books (bookworms, I salute you!), their love for coffee, dedicated accounts to their pug or their favourite pumps and heels.

Even I have jumped on the bandwagon earlier this year, and have created a separate Instagram for my creative journaling. Nothing but pretty pages. It’s my little escape of sorts.

These are just a handful of reasons why I have the type of ‘relationship’ with social media where I truly can’t see myself quitting cold-turkey. That being said, let’s not forget the importance of balance, where we appreciate social media but also can appreciate taking time away from it, taking a digital detox  as well.

See the beauty in social media but take the time to also appreciate the beauty of everyday life away from it. That’s my mantra.

See the beauty in social media but take the time to also appreciate the beauty of everyday life away from it. Click To Tweet