The Truth About Why You Need Quality Sleep

the importance of getting quality sleep

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There’s a saying that “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” A simple quote, but so accurate in its simplicity; and points directly to the importance of getting a good night’s rest.

Do you have that one friend whose moodiness goes through the roof when she hasn’t slept very well? That classmate at uni whose patience is literally non-existent in the morning, thanks to one-too-many all-nighters? Chances are they’re in need of some good shut-eye.


Whether You’re Flying Out Or Staying In

I’ve found that a lack of sleep hits especially hard whenever I’m travelling. If I’m not well-prepared and well-rested leading up to a trip, you can pretty much count on me forgetting to pack something. I’ve been that girl to forget my headphones on my desk, or that new magazine sitting somewhere in between the bedsheets. Early-morning flights can be especially taxing, and for that I’d recommend trying to stay at an airport hotel in the city you’re visiting, like the Moxy Vienna Airport, for example.

the importance of getting enough sleep

Yet, even at home in the comfort of your own bed, getting quality can rest can feel (ironically) like an absolute chore. With the stressful and busy lifestyles many of us have, there can be so much pressure to cram as much into the day as possible. As a result, we end up feeling over-stimulated to the point where it can be difficult to let go and fall asleep.

 Quality Shut-Eye? But Why?

Sleep plays a vital role in our overall health and well-being, as well as our beauty, as the term beauty sleep suggests. Hit pause on the eye creams, move away the plumping masks; a good night’s sleep benefits your hair, eyes (bye dark circles) and overall complexion like no other. In fact, if you still find yourself a bit of a beauty-product lover, you may find that many of your products actually work better when they’re applied before you go to bed.

Therefore, ensuring you get enough sleep each night, that is deep sleep rather than light sleep, will help you to optimise your physical health and sense of vitality.  

the importance of getting quality sleep

That said, the quantity of sleep you get each night is not the only factor, as it is the quality that’s most important.  If you aren’t able to drift off into deep sleep, which is undisturbed, then your body is less able to rest and repair itself.

The potential danger that is caused by sleep deficiency is serious, as it makes us less aware, distracted, unfocused and clumsy.  If you’ve ever driven when tired you’ll already know how easy it is for your eyes to close for a couple of seconds, and this can be incredibly dangerous.  Then, there are the more cumulative effects on the body as lack of sleep puts unnecessary stress on vital organs and can lead to chronic illnesses.

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Indeed, sleep is vital to healthy brain function.  When you’re sleeping, your brain gets a chance to rest, yet whilst resting, it’s also preparing for the day ahead and forming new neural pathways.  Did you know a lack of sleep has even been linked with depression and anxiety related conditions?

Sleep is when the body has a chance to replenish, repair, and replace cells within the body; it is therefore particularly important for people with stressful or physically tiring jobs to get plenty of rest each night.

A further factor is that our immune system can become compromised if we continually don’t get enough sleep, which makes you more susceptible to illness, and a lot more vulnerable on a physiological level.

In summary, getting enough sleep is incredibly important to your mental, emotional and physical health. Sleep well, beauty!

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