From Fear to Freedom: First Steps for Twenty-Somethings Tackling Debt

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There are the everyday things that sometimes put us on edge, or tank our self-confidence and self-esteem in a  major way. Relationship breakups, friendship fall-outs aside though, one thing that we hardly ever discuss is the anxieties and fears about the F-word.


Student loans and financial obligations; find me at least one twenty-something who doesn’t have one of those? Yes, we’re going there today; one of those necessary evils of ‘adulting’. Today, let’s dive into the topic of debt and how we can confront it with our confidence intact, shall we?

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Don’t let your debt define you

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Dealing with your student loans or credit card debt, as with any plan of action, starts in your mind. The first thing you’ve got to do is remind yourself each day that having student debt doesn’t make you a lazy person. Neither does it mean you are a complete failure at this thing called life (we’re all doing the best we can at it, am I right?). This goes for credit card debt as well, another way twenty-somethings struggle financially (shopaholics, I see ya).

The minute thoughts like those take root, if you’re not careful, you ruminate on them and risk being completely paralyzed by negative self-talk and what-ifs. Can you think of any way you’d benefit from not making the necessary life moves to handle your debt, only because you feel so lousy about and guilted by it? Absolutely. None.

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If you do have debt then it may even be worth you looking into Experian disputes as this is a fantastic way for you to move forward.

Let’s Get Real, Love!

The next thing you’ve got to do is take your head out of the sand about where you stand (forever rhyming, this gal) financially. It only gets better from there! Then, you can take steps towards being in a better financial position. The toughest part of managing your debt, whether it’s student loans or credit card debt, is coming face to face with the numbers themselves.

“Did I really spend that much on heels last month?”

“I really should’ve carried more packed lunches instead of ordering food..”

Been there, right? All kinds of cringe-worthy, when you start crunching those numbers and uncover your many financial sins. Dealing with the feelings that you have can be hard work, but forcing yourself to face the facts is an important part of moving on with your life and it will also help you to get on the right track. When you are able to look at the numbers, you can then start to deal with the money that you have and you can also make far better spending decisions as well.

Straight Talk, No Chaser

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If you’re the girl that feels dizzy within five minutes of crunching numbers and taking an in-depth, honest look at your financial situation, then don’t be afraid to enlist a helping hand or two. Find someone that you know and trust who is in a better or excellent financial position (parent, older sibling, an uncle or aunt maybe?) or a finance expert who is professionally equipped to give advice with an objective eye. It’s easy to sometimes think that an older person doesn’t know ‘what it’s like’ or won’t have a clue, but there’s so much power in taking advice from someone who has already been where you currently are in life. When you’ve got the help of a more experienced person, listen up, listen well and learn all that you can from them.

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And Remember to Look After You, Too

You have already been told not to ignore your debt, but that’s not the only thing that you shouldn’t be ignoring. You also have to try and deal with the emotions that you experience alongside your debt. Don’t be afraid to give yourself some space away from the stressful reminders if you feel as though that’s what you need. Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your debt at the end of the day.

In the next financial freedom series, we’ll look at ways we can alter our daily habits to better deal with debts.

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