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These Tiny Treasures – August 2019

I’ve been admittedly absent on the blog over the past month (and admittedly guilty of that more times than one should admit), but it hasn’t been without good reason. That reason brings me straight to the tiny treasures of the past month – the unforgettable moments and undeniable pleasures that I couldn’t not fill you in on.

Last month I’d shared that a career shift was afoot; a long awaited, and long-planned-for one at that. Well, I’m officially two months into a new and worlds-more-challenging position at the company, and let me tell you, I have never been more sleep-deprived, more caffeine-riddled or more desperate for more hours in the day, than right now. Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I’ve also never been more excited. The new post has brought with it opportunities to flex my creative and strategic muscles in ways I’ve always wanted to, in an industry that’s oh-so-very-new to me. While we’re on the subject of flexing muscles, though…

If we’re friends on Instagram then you’ve probably realised by now that I’ve become something of a gym-head over the past few months. I’ve lost something near twenty pounds in the 4-5 months of being a member of my gym. Oh, the gains? Muscle growth, obviously, and a new-found addiction I never thought I’d seen coming. August saw me lifting weights I never thought I would be able to, and I’ve gotten to those heavy 45b plates that once looked too intimidating. The accomplishment that comes with it is such an under-rated high.

With my burgeoning fitness kick came even more inspiration to become a sort of adventurous Annie in the kitchen, with good ole Pinterest by my side. My skin has been thanking me for it, too. I try not to veer too far outside of keto, (or occasional paleo)-friendly recipes, and Pinterest is chock-full of both.

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August also brought with it some of my favourite self-care indulgences that make getting ready each morning less of a chore and more of a luxurious experience, if you will. I’ve restocked on my favourite body oil, the one that I will never shut up about, as someone who’s been on the hunt for a better-than-good-enough oil for years. I always get asked what I’m wearing, by men and women alike, when I’ve got these on. The Vanilla Sandalwood was the first I’d ever tried, when I was introduced to the brand while at a Christmas market at which I was also a vendor last year. This past month though I thought I’d explore another scent, and went with the Sensual Rose. Let’s just say it’s far too special for everyday use. This one’s gonna be kept under lock and key for special occasions only, friends. Special occasions only.

Nothing particularly ground-breaking has happened this past month, but it’s all been about the little things. The simple things and moments that made me squeal with excitement a bit. How dare I not share them with you, still?