My Thoughts on Things

These Tiny Treasures – October 2019

Moments from the past month that have brought me joy. A little gratitude and reflection each month can never hurt.

Embracing the Exhausting Moments

The much-coveted work-life balance; it’s been running, no sprinting away from me the more I chase it. So, I’ve stopped, and begun embracing the projects at work that ask a lot of me. It helps to remind myself that with every ‘to-do’ that gets done, and done well when I truly apply myself, that there are lessons I can take away from each of them and use it to better my performance.

Moments of pampering

I won’t call it self-care. Is taking care of yourself, truly, boiled down to beauty routines and nail polish? Sometimes I doubt that it’s that superficial. That aside, the past two months saw me starting a routine of facials at my aesthetician’s spa (hi Natalie!), and my skin has been showering me with thanks for it since. As an ardent extoller of all things DIY and an unabashed frugalista, I used to think facials were an unnecessary extravagance, something I could replicate at home from time to time. Going to a professional, with professional-grade products and tools for your skin’s health? It’s worlds different from whipping up a masque and steam in the kitchen. The imrpovement to my skin is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with pharmacy products. My pores are almost non-existent where they were once glaringly obvious (I’ve tried for years to shrink my pores on my own), my skin looks the brightest I’ve ever seen it, and the dark spots from pimples past are fading, fading, faded. I also started getting regular pedicures in the past week, and I think I’ll be making it a bi-monthly treat. Foot massages save lives, ladies. Try it and try it regularly.

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Journaling more regularly

In the midst of the hectic work days, my favourite way to wind down lately is going back to my safe haven, my journals. Keeping record of the days, whether they are good or bad, helps me to put the days into perspective, and remember what the take-aways from every moment. It also helps to look back at the pretty pages later on. Stationery nerds, am I right?

Blended beauty

I’m not getting any younger y’all. And as my twenties begin to slowly fade into the background and thirty peeks around the corner, I have to be 10x more deliberate about my eating choices (or else it starts to show in my legs). Which is sometimes hard to do, walking through the front door at 9pm after a seemingly never-ending day at work. You know, those nights when all I really want to reach for is something salty and fried, not satiating and chockfull of antioxidants that I have to whip up in the kitchen. Enter my green smoothies of choice lately. Quick, easy and so dang delicious. Check out the recipes over on my IG ‘Foodie Fab’ Highlights. They’ve made healthy eating (well, drinking), convenient and effortless on days when it feels impossible. They take the guesswork and guilt out of making dinner choices at the end of a long day.

I love sharing the little things with you, and the little moments that have made a big impact on the past month for me. What have those moments been for your October? Share them with me below!