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These Tiny Treasures – November 2019

Thank you, November. As ever, it’s all about the little things.

  • Rainy Sunday mornings – the kind where you also happen to have the next day off from work. What blues?
  • Turning 30.
  • Starlite Pharmacy’s Shrimp Cobb Salads. ‘Grass’ for your money! Gimme!
  • Speaking of work: Traffic-free days. Just about as rare as unicorns.
  • His ‘good morning’ texts. Every. Single. Morning. Consistency is a beautiful thing.
  • Birthday surprises.
  • Finally booking a vacation, for the first time in years *throws confetti everywhere*
  • Finding the perfect nail polish colour that just effortlessly works for both work and play. Want in? Check out Sinful Colors in Vacation Time. I’d been looking for a subtly chic work-friendly shade for months, since the old faithful Essie Ladylike is on its last leg.
  • Bringing ideas to life and reaping the benefits of my work. Even when every bone in my body’s just screaming for rest. I’m not a proponent of burning yourself out at all, but that feeling of accomplishment and relief is so good. I would bottle it up and sell it if I could.
  • Taking deep, deliberate breaths.
  • Seven hours of sleep. Such luxuries should be cherished.
  • A gym session after a long day spent in an office chair. Exercise is one of the cheapest forms of (physical, emotional, mental) therapy.
  • Back to the subject of consistency: maintaining small healthy routines each day and seeing the results of it. Priceless.
  • Waking up, grabbing the phone, only to realise you’ve got two hours left to sleep in. I’ve been having lots of those lately. BUH-LISSSSSSS.
  • Being hydrated. No, seriously. Take it from the woman who loves runs on coffee.
  • Babies’ smiles in line at the grocery store. I live. I die. I swoon.
  • Long chats with the Uber driver. But there’s more. When at the end of the ride, they say “Well I’m glad I got to meet someone as friendly as you today.” Wait, you don’t talk to your Uber driver?
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What moments from the past month made you smile? Share at least one with me below!