These Tiny Treasures: Locked Down Diaries

Are we cancelling 2020 still? Sincerely asking. What a year it’s shaping up to be, right? I feel like a kid in a flawlessly-constructed haunted house at a fair. Holding my breath for what’s around the corner, at every corner.

We can’t even truly say that the pandemic is ‘over’, can we? And this friends, is why I’m forever holding my breath. 2020 is, has been and continues to be a doozy. I’ve been away from the blog because the everyday fallout from all things COVID has been hitting and hitting painfully hard. It’s been painful. Black and blue bruises. Running out of gauze and bandaids. Those who know me know I have the lowest of thresholds for pain (it’s about time I receive shares with Tylenol and Excedrin). I take them at the slightest sight of pain.

In my efforts to numb the sting from pandemic fallout (in all its forms – but tbat’s another story for another day..or week..), here are the things that I’ve found joy in, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

  1. My plants; originally, I only wanted about two for my room; but within a month and a half, roughly, I am now the proud plant mom of two ficus elasticas (Milly and Phoenix), one sanseveria named Silver (currently under propagation because he hasn’t been doing too well), two cacti named Harry and Carl, a jade plant named Melody and – the latest addition to the family – a heart-leaf philodendron that I haven’t named yet. Seven plant babies. There are worse addictions to have, I’m told. (Update: I now have nine; Freya and Lola are home, healthy and happy).
  2. Watching my plants grow. This must be what a parent’s firstborn baby learning new words feels like. I do a happy dance (and a squeal) as each new leaf starts to unfurl.
  3. Conversations with my friend Supal Desai
  4. Rediscovering old hobbies, specifically word-search puzzles. Yep, I am the granny in the friend group. When I want a break from all things digital, I turn on the radio and open up one of my wordsearch puzzle books. (Pro-tip: they come in oh-so-handy when passing time at the doctor’s or dentist’s office.
  5. Early morning sips of hot golden milk. I’ve been adding a bit of ashwaghanda powder to mine; making it all the more delicious while helping keep down my anxiety and stressed out mornings. This combination has made early morning drives to work all the more bearable.
  6. Journaling, and lots of it. I used to prefer to pepper my journal pages with only the happiest, most exciting moments of my life but since very little of either exists at the mo, my daily writings are just whatever is weighing heaviest on my mind.
  7. Makeup-free days: Do you want the truth? I cant remember what I look like with lipstick on. But I’m loving it, truly. Mornings are a breeze.
  8. Reading (again): My favourite thing to do, on those absolutely-down days when I would rather not be bogged down by my real world (it hasnt been the best space to be in as of late), a new book has done the trick. My latest reads are The Stationery Shop, Sing Unburied Sing, and The Girl Who Smiled Beads.

In these times that seem to be going from bad to worse, holding onto whatever it is brings joy and some semblence of peace, makes the days so much easier. What or who has been bringing you peace for 2020 (the roller coaster of a year that it has been)?

The Stationery Shop: Buy it here

Sing Unburied Sing: Buy it here (This story was an unforgettable one. You won’t be able to tear yourself away; I know I couldn’t. A story filled with characters you will cry with, hope for, at times get so mad at, and cling to well after the last page.)

The Girl Who Smiled Beads: Read a preview or Buy it here