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These Tiny Treasures: April 2018 Highlights

Tiny things I treasure this month (in no particular order of relevance):

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I’m grateful that there’s always someone somewhere in my life that is a listening ear, a soundboard, generally just a good friend in those moments when I need it most. I say someone somewhere because the people closest to me are sprinkled all throughout this big world, from Germany to Nigeria and beyond. While no one is ever  ‘just a drive away’, I can thank Skype, FaceTime and technology for drawing them close when we can’t be physically near each other.  A monkey wrench was thrown into what was a bustling but fun month: a relationship that I held dear was ended and it couldn’t have happened at a worst time. Typically when a breakup or some form of rejection comes my way, depression hits and it paralyses me; you can typically find me stuck in bed for days with zero appetite or will to speak and a thousand tears (and I’m not saying they didn’t make their appearance this time, they certainly did). This time around, there was so much going on career-wise and brand-wise, that I couldn’t hide away from the world, as much as I desperately wanted to. It was in these moments that a dear friend of mine became my oft-nightly confidante and shoulder to lean on (*sings “we all need somebody to lean onnnn!*). 

I treasure the random laughs and smiles that I get from friends and strangers alike. From the excitement of things to come. I treasure the fact that I’m still able to be hopeful, in the midst of not even feeling like there’s hope.

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I treasure those doors that I didn’t expect to open. I almost let the missed opportunities & rejections mess with my head this month,  and found myself listening to whispers of negative self-talk on many many nights. I am that girl who sometimes falls down a rabbit hole of negative self-talk, especially when everything around me feels like my life, and by extension me myself, is in shambles. This month, I’ve had to remind myself that my feelings aren’t facts. For every closed door something so unexpected and exciting has happened in its place. A bit of travels, along with business-goals met and exceeded.

I treasure the ability to learn with every mistake. Now I know more of what works & what definitely doesn’t; in more than one area of life, whether it be love and relationships, work or family life.

I treasure the fact that recently I’ve been learning that in the end, it all will be okay. It will all work out. I’m capable, powerful, and have been given the grace I need for the present situation that feel most painful.

I treasure something seemingly silly that believe it or not, often makes my days that much sweeter: Generous & sweet airport staff. Thank you Virgin Atlantic! For reasons too many to ramble on about here, you remain my favourite airline.

Enough about me though. What has April been like for you? More flowers than showers? Or the other way around? Gimme all the deets of your month below! x