The Perfect Holiday Gifts to Get the Girls When You’re on a Budget

I’m convinced the year 2018 just came around to play all sorts of tricks on us. Can you believe we’re on the tail-end of the year already?? It feels like it was just yesterday that the world was reeling over a certain American President who will not be named, and then gushing over a star-studded royal wedding to rival many.

We’re weeks away from the holiday season, and we’ve got to be careful to not let the next few weeks left for prepping, planning, list-jotting and menu-sorting pass us by.

On the subject of planning, are you one of those people who lets the hols run away with not only your sleep, maybe your sanity, and on a time or two, your savings? I’ve been there, and after last year’s Christmas season I decided that going forward I was going to be far more thrifty about my gift-giving.

If you’re like me and want to be more deliberate and cash-conscious about your Christmas spending (especially if you’re in university, this time of year, many students’ student loan will be dwindling down), consider a few suggestions, like these:

Get Your Domestic Goddess on with a handmade gift

With all things DIY being all the rage, it’d be silly not to have the option to get your ‘crafty’ on and make a chic gift for your friends. Love working with your hands? A timeless gift option is the much-loved scarf, specifically a hand-knitted scarf.
Channel your inner designer, too, by looking up on IG what colours and looks are most on-trend for the season. A stylish and useful gift? You can’t go wrong there.

Edible (Tr)eats

If knitting seems like too much of a chore and you want an option that’s a bit more chill yet still personal and heartfelt, let’s head over to the kitchen. ‘Tis the season for cozy treats and warming goodies, after all. Odds are, you’ll be in the kitchen with family and friends anyway. This year, why not try whipping up a batch of chocolate truffles as gifts? These also take quite a while to make, but let’s just use it as a great excuse to grab a few close friends for a fun day of whipping up something sweet, shall we? Other yummy options include homemade fudge, or even some home brewed trendy alcohol.

Put together a Photo-Book

Like me, you’re probably a bit of digital obsessed millennial, right? The convenience of having your whole world literally at your fingertips at the swipe of a screen is all the incentive most of us need to keep our entire lives on our phones or tablets.

But there’s something so unique about a keepsake like a photobook. The nice thing about a physical gift like this, is that nowadays, we don’t tend to have photo albums or scrapbooks – we have libraries of digital content, much of which is catalogued on apps such as Facebook and Instagram, yet there’s something more meaningful and cherishable about a hard copy. It’s the visual equivalent of creating someone a mixtape, which again, has been replaced by the digitisation of music content – where today, you would just share a playlist on Spotify.

There are a number of apps such as photobox you can use to create really nice “memory books” that essentially capture some of your most fun times together, and whilst these books aren’t always that cheap – you can make one yourself, quite easily, by going to somewhere like Wilko and getting an artists drawing pad, some glue, and getting your photos processed online.


Not particularly a Do-It-Yourself fan? You’ll love Cuckooland gift ideas for your every shopping need. No seriously, whether you’re getting gifts together for the girls, your parents or the special guy in your life, they’ve got the perfect finds to take care of everyone on your nice list.