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3 Surprising Things I’ve Learnt From Adorable Babies

I love babies.

Adore ’em. Who doesn’t though, right? I’ve never met a baby whose cheeks weren’t the most kissable and pinchable on the face of the earth. I’m not yet a wife & mother, but over the years, and baby cousins, friends’ babies that have come into the world, I have grown to observe babies and their adorable mannerisms. (When am I not in observer-mode, actually?)

One Christmas holiday I sat looking on at my (now 3 year old) cousin, and couldn’t help but smile at some of his mannerisms; I couldn’t help but smile at some of his ways; and I continue to see it in children his age, and babies, everywhere I go.

It’s okay to be curious about things

Babies touch things (aka everything they can get their hands on). They’re curious because they’re new to the world. There’s no fear or apprehension, no insecurity about what their friends might think. Let’s admit; not everything they touch (or put in their mouths) is safe, but they don’t know that. I’ve gotta admit, I admire the fearlessness in it all.

lessons learnt from babies and


Smile, lots!

blue ivy_lessons learnt from babies and

This one’s a given. Babies smile a lot, and boy do those smiles brighten up a room. Smiling is effortless for them, too. It’s all in the innocence, maybe. But it challenges me to see the ‘happy’ in even the little things, and put my best (smiling) face forward to the world. Have you noticed that the more you smile, the better you feel? Personally, I’m all for it.

If at first, you don’t succeed, try again!

baby walking and falling_lessons learnt from babies

When the cuties are learning to walk, falling a few (or many) times is par for the course. They don’t even fully know that they’ll fall. When trying to walk, falling is par for the course, and they take it so gracefully. By gracefully I mean like it never happened, and get right back up. Allow me to put myself in the mind of babies for a minute. I think they’re so excited and wowed by the process, that they just instinctively keep going. It teaches us so much about failure, if you think about it.

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When was the last time you really wanted to try something; a new career path, a blog, a sport, a new city or country? Oh but the doubt, the ‘what-ifs’, the ‘but’s got to you before you took a single step. So, second-guessing yourself, you decided not to go for it. Well, it seems like babies don’t second-guess taking steps. They just go for it when they’ve got even an inkling of physical ability.

Love. It. So precious.

And even when they lose balance, they fall but they get right back up.


In case by now you’re thinking, “Uh, what inspired this list?” I honestly have no explanation except that lately I’ve been having random bouts of baby fever! Colour me Inspired to write to you about it, then!?

Over to you!

I’d love to hear from you though! What adorable and amazing things have babies taught you? What are you simply awed by about them, or you can’t help but ‘awwww’? Chime in below!

3 surprising things Ive learnt from adorable babies and

‘Til next time, beauties!