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Study & Productivity Tips | Sitting Pretty & Productive (Part 2)

Hi lovelies! As promised, I’m back with the Part 2 of my Study & Productivity tips ‘series’. I’ll call it a series for now because I’d like to share a few more things with you all, whether you’re in high school or just about to start university or college.

These two study and productivity tips can be applied to absolutely any student at any level of schooling (as did the first two I shared with you!).

(Part 2) These Are A Few (More) of My Favourite Things For:

Remembering important dates or upcoming tasks

A visual memo board

In the Part 1 of this series I shared with you my love for notebooks for jotting down ideas on the go. Well, today let’s firstly talk about remembering important tasks or dates. For many of us, even with a daily planner, it’s easy to forget a really important appointment, project or presentation date.

This works if you’re someone who forgets things at times, even if you write them down or type them into your phone. A visual reminder that greets you each morning might be just the trick. I present to you this adorably chic memo board. In the video I talk about how I use it to be much more productive (I’m pretty sure you can guess!)

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Planning for essays or reports.

Mindmapping (aka Clustering)

Secondly, this tip works best whenever those essays or group projects come up and you need to brainstorm ideas. Actually, it works well for any activity where you want to go in-depth about a topic. Bloggers, writers, and many other creative types can benefit from mind-mapping.

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A mindmap from Mind Map Art ( Jane Genovese. Click the photo to see lots more maps!

Let’s keep it simple for an example. Imagine that you’re writing an essay on the perks of houses versus apartments for families. In the second half of the video, I explain how a mindmap would help you build ideas for your essay.

What are some tips you use to be more productive on a daily basis & to excel in school? Share them with me below! Also, let me know your thoughts on these that I’ve shared.

Talk soon! xo