Recovering From & Reflecting on ‘The-Year-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named

(Hands up if you found yourself on December 31st begging 2021 to ‘please be good’. I know I did.)

It’s January 10th 2021 and as much as I want to leave the past 12 months outside with the trash that went out this morning, it’s a bit hard to do when a) everything is still so fresh and b) we’re still dealing with a global pandemic.

Whether the-year-that-shall-not-be-named brought illness, delays, frustrations, all out loss and pain, it was a hard year for many to deal with. I can personally say I did not cope very well with everything that the the-year-that-shall-not-be-named hurled my way. It took me on a roller-coaster ride for sure. The days that were bad, were terribly bad. But I’d like to focus a bit on the ones that I managed through with a smile on my face (and if not a smile, some hope in my heart).

Those days happened courtesy a few key things that are worth bookmarking

What Got Me Through The Roughest Year Ever (and Can Still Help You, Even Now)

  • Speaking Up: A problem shared is a problem solved. If you are the type of person to retreat when times are tough, please find someone to talk to. Ensure that it’s someone close to you who wants to listen though; very little good comes from becoming a burden to anyone, especially in times like these where everyone is weathering some kind of storm.
  • Keep moving: If I stayed still for too long, especially on the days where my usual routine was at a standstill, it usually ended in worrying and overthinking. Whether through physical exercise or some other form of activity (simple things like a mini room makeover, folding the laundry, pruning and watering my plants), staying busy even in little ways helped the testy days go by a tad bit smoother.
  • Tapping into talents: For the second half of the year I had a lot more time than before due to a job loss. Although that loss hurt, it gave me the time to refocus on projects that had been shelved mentally. This included things like getting back into video creation, catching up on novels I’d bought to read and brainstorming business ideas that I’d put on the back-burner for years.

The Real Game-Changer Though?

Daily journaling was what really helped me sort through the year. Talking to close friends helped me gain perspective, sure, but journaling is a therapeutic balm that soothes like no other. If you’re intimidated by the thought of writing daily, remember a few things: it doesn’t have to be a daily exercise, and it can take many forms; from the detailed morning pages to stream of consciousness writing, to simply one-line-a-day(should be self-explanatory) journaling.

The biggest help for a beginner journaler who doesn’t know where to start is anwering prompts. Prompts help me sort through my thoughts as opposed to ‘free writing’. Want a few that’ll get you started sorting and sifting through what was a harsh year?

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