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Unlocking the You Within with Rachelle-Ann Louear

It feels like it’s been a minute too long since I last introduced you to another Fab Friend of mine.

Without further ado, meet Rachelle Ann, the business-building, success-saavy business and entrepreneurship-coach from my home country, Trinidad.

I’ll let her take the mic from here!

My name is Rachelle-Ann Louear.

Rachelle Ann Louear

I’m a wife of one husband and the mother of two naughty but cute kids. My daughter will be 4 next month and my son is 15 months old.

I must also throw in that I am obsessed with the colour pink and if I have one last dollar in my pocket I would most likely spend it on fast-food. I have major cravings for certain foods all the time.

I run a bridal gown and suit business with my husband for the past seven + years. The bridal side of the business is currently going through a major transition (it’s a secret and surprise to be reveal soon).

I’m also an Unlocked Coach and I help women to unlock their true selves to accomplish their goals and dreams.

The name of my coaching business is UNLOCKED.

Unlocked _ Unlock the you within I officially started in March 2017, and it’s been growing continually in such a short space of time.


I have worked with well over 30 women so far in group sessions, one-on-one coaching and workshops. I’ve interacted with many more in my free Facebook group and business page.

My Inspiration

What inspired me to start the coaching business was going through my own struggles to find “myself” for years.

I was unhappy in my job, unsatisfied with the way my business was set up and couldn’t figure out for a long time what was causing my unhappiness.

I then realised one day my business and job was not aligned to my core values so I was struggling to find purpose and meaning in them. This is super important to me.

So, in January I quit my corporate job and took a break from the bridal business to find myself and my purpose. By March, I was sure about the direction I wanted to take and started crafting coaching programs based on my own “unlocking” experience to find my core values and other things.

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What ‘finding yourself’ really means

Finding your self means to me, knowing who you truly are and what you were born to do. It’s encompasses knowing your abilities, talents, your strengths, your personality AND knowing your weaknesses and using them as a platform to your success.

That’s basically the unlocking process in a nutshell.

Finding your self, to me, means knowing who you truly are and what you were born to do. Click To Tweet

People’s reactions when I left the corporate world

Oh my goodness! The feedback when I left my safe space of a permanent government job was overwhelming. Most people didn’t agree and didn’t understand. Thank God I have my circle of entrepreneurial-minded friends and associates that supported and encouraged me.


I think one of the most hard-hitting issues with women right now is a feeling of low self worth.

Lots of women I’ve observed and spoken to don’t believe in themselves and don’t know how valuable and talented they are. This leads to them accepting abuse from spouses, significant others, employers, family and even other women unfortunately.

They have a plethora of skills, talents and giftings but it goes to waste most times because they cannot see past their circumstances and situation and find the strength to rise up and overcome.  

Rachelle Ann Louear quote 2One way it can be addressed is through awareness. We are only taught in school to get good grades and get a good job. We do not teach our young women that there is so much more to life, that we can create our own destiny using skills and talents that were were born with.


To the girls who feel stuck in a less-than-pretty situation (college major we felt pressured into, job we’re not enjoying, etc):

I’ll say to anyone who feels stuck in a job they hate to ‘decide once and for all what YOU want, make a plan and go for it. We spend most of our time at work so why spend so much of your time in a career or job you dislike? I’ve met many women who are stuck in this position and it literally makes them sick from panic attacks, to losing or gaining weight to hormonal issues. Stress is a killer.

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It really isn’t that hard or impossible to align yourself in a career or business that you love and live comfortably from. It honestly just takes some guts to make the decision and work towards it.

In order to find a career with meaning you must first ‘unlock yourself’ which simply means identifying what your highest values are and knowing what makes you feel fulfilled. This is different for everyone. Some people love working with kids, some love the environment, some love to travel. To find a career that has meaning for you means to lock out all ‘noises’ which is people’s opinions and the norms of society and listen to your inner voice and heart. Your heart already knows it’s the mind that fears and brings doubt.

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