3 Tried & True Must-Haves for a Flu-Proof Daily Routine

Nutritionist or wellness expert? Nope. I’m just a girl who likes to have her cake, and sometimes said cake is so  sweet that it usually contributes to a sugary overload in my body. When I am overdoing the treats for any amount of time (because who doesn’t like a chocolate digestive or two with their coffee?), worsened if those sweets contain dairy, by default I’ve set myself up for a bout of the flu or some combination of pesky flu symptoms.

Friends, I’m writing this post while recovering from that very same pesky flu. See, I had a tad too much chocolate lately and too little of the stuff that keeps my immune system in check.

The Truth?

(You can’t handle the truth!! *in as best a Jack Nicholson voice as I can muster up*)

The truth is that I should know better. Like i said though, who can resist a chocolate digestive or two in the morning? That knowledge of what triggers my immune system and makes me even more susceptible to flu bugs in the air should’ve kicked in mid-digestive. It didn’t though (or maybe it did and I quickly shut it up mid-digestive-dunk), and here we are. Rather, here I am, recovering from what felt like a hellish few days down with a fever, sore throat and body aches galore.

“Prevention Is Better Than Cure,” Mom Said

Am I the only one who remembers wise advise from my parents whenever I’m caught in a tight spot? No? Yeah? One of the quips of knowledge that my parents have always told me is that prevention is better than cure. 

I try (as much as possible) to implement that truth into all elements of my life, especially my health and eating habits. Why prevent versus cure? Well, ya girl is half of her usual self when she’s down and out with a cold or flu. Besides being unable to breathe clearly, I’m unable to be as productive as I need to be, and my eating goes haywire. I either am too exhausted to feed myself anything of healthy substance or I lose my appetite altogether and go for days refusing food. In short, it pays to keep the flu at bay rather than dragging myself to the pharmacy when it’s already attacked.

On My Immunity A-Game

When I am on my A-game with immunity boosting foods, there are certain foods and ingredients that are a mainstay in my routine. The trick to succeeding with these is to use them as part of a regular day routine (whether first thing in the morning or at night), and not just when you think the flu bug has bitten. These three ingredients are chock-full of the minerals and antioxidants the body needs to fight off colds and flus.

Let me walk you through the main ones here:

Citrus fruits for a Vitamin C boost

Ginger for a warming boost 

Turmeric for a spicy but satisfying boost 

Here’s How You Can Use Them

Lemon-ginger tea/Lemon water in the morning.

Consider it an H2Amazing upgrade to your usual H20. I know infused water has been on everyone’s radar for years now, and you can easily add this one to your lineup of ways to jazz up your water-drinking. I’d suggest having lemon water in the a.m (before your morning joe, thank you!) to rehydrate after a long night’s sleep and wake up those joints, while benefiting from the anti-oxidant qualities. Find lemon too jarring on your teeth? Drink it using a straw for enamel-protection.


Turmeric latte/Golden milk latte

If this photo looks familiar, you must be part of my Instagram family! I’ve shared this one with my girls over on IG before, as its one of my favourite ways to regularly get some turmeric into my diet. Did I mention it’s also ace at relieving menstrual cramps?? There’s something special about the anti-inflammatory effects turmeric has. Gotta love it. To make this one, simply blend some turmeric powder with the milk of your choice, and honey to sweeten (totally optional). I also like to add a little cinnamon to the blend sometimes, for added spice.


Orange-turmeric smoothie

This one came about from a kitchen-experiment of mine (tell me you’ve never had one of those days, I dare ya!). I really craved something cold yet nourishing and fruity. Let’s just say I added some chilled orange juice (pulp included), the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of turmeric and chopped ginger and let my blender work its magic. The orange juice hid the distinct turmeric taste, and the ginger lent a gentle spice to the drink. Craving completely satisfied.


Of course, there’s a myriad of ways you can use each of these three ingredients in your diet; don’t feel at all limited to only drinks. If nothing else, learn from my stubborn-but-chocolate-filled mistakes and try to implement at least one of them into your meals, drinks or snacks regularly. Some of them may be an acquired taste, but when flu season rolls around, you’ll be so glad you introduced ginger, turmeric or citrus fruits into your eating habits.

Do you use any of these ingredients regularly? I’d love to hear some of the ways you do!