3 Podcasts You’ll Love Listening To, Ladies!

3 podcasts you will enjoy, podcasts, earphones

(Try saying that five times fast.) Hearing other people’s thoughts, perspectives and ideas has always intrigued me. News around the globe has always intrigued me. I’m a sucker for good conversation, so any excuse to get one started, I’m all for. What’s better? The connections formed from listening to and hearing from people that share similar ideas, likes and other traits as you. Here’s where podcasts come in.



My Entry into the Podcast World

Apple Podcasts iconI was introduced to the podcast world in a bit of a silly way, to be honest. Y’know that little purple icon by Apple?

When I got my first iPhone (eons ago) I generally ignored it. I preferred to save memory on my phone for pictures and other apps. Then one day, scrolling through my Twitter feed, a retweet caught my attention. It was a link to a podcast episode whose title intrigued me. The rest is a beautiful history.

Podcasts: A Life-Changer and Time-Saver

So, why a podcast? Truth is,  you can actually get that same content in other formats (a blog, a YouTube video, etc). What makes podcasts beautiful though, is that you listen, versus watching or reading.

So what does this mean? It means when you’re painting your nails, trying to be extra careful not to make any mistakes, the podcast is perfect. When you’re playing a game on your phone but also want to hear from a favourite blogger or expert on a topic, your podcast plays in the background. When you’re trying out the latest DIY recipe in the kitchen but also want to stay in the know, you can press play and go about the business of baking.

Another thing I’ve experienced with listening to podcasts is that it saves my eyes. No, seriously. As a blogger, YouTuber and someone who spends 80% of her time online, after hours staring at my Macbook screen, a girl’s eyes can really feel the pressure. In moments like these, when I’m all done with the must-do tasks for the day, I give myself a little ‘me-time’ by laying down, turning on the latest podcast episode. Eyes closed (sometimes open staring at the ceiling, yes I’m a weirdo), ears wide open. My eyes and hands get a much-needed break, and I can learn from or laugh along with someone just by listening to their voice.

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My Absolute Faves

Here are the three podcasts that I have been listening to and enjoying for some months now. They’re in no particular order:

  • MyTaughtYou by Myleik Teele. CurlBox founder, entrepreneur-extraordinaire and influencer Myleik Teele’s podcast series is one I am sure to stay updated on. I follow her on Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope, to keep up with of her new episodes as they air (also, her cooking stories on Snap? LOVE.). What I love about Myleik’s podcasts is, simply, Myleik herself. Her no-nonsense, all-truth style and approach to life, business and productivity is respected by many. She also does Q&A segments within her episodes (many times, an entire episode is dedicated solely to in-depth discussions to answer people’s questions. Whether it’s about starting a business, bossing up, life and love, Myleik’s perspectives on different topics are so refreshingly honest. Did I mention her series is #1 in the careers section on You can also subscribe on iTunes.

    myleik teele podcasts, my taught you



  • Wonderfully Made by The Divine Hostess,  Fifi Buchanan ( – I first started following The Divine Hostess on Twitter then Instagram. It must’ve been from a retweet, but I appreciate various things about her and her content; from relatable inspiration and advice, to tips and recipes for healthier eating and living. Her pod
    The Divine Hostess Fifi Buchanan_Wonderfully Made Podcast

    cast series began in July 2016, but I am a recent listener, and loving it. My favourite episodes so far have been ‘Being Free from Perfectionism’, ‘Qualifying the Company We Keep’ and ‘Do You Choose You’? In other episodes, she shares advice on how to get a better night’s sleep, natural cures for nausea, and natural ways to boost energy.  A more improved you, emotionally, mentally and physically. The total package, don’t you think? You can find and download her entire series on iTunes.





  • Beauty Inside Out by Kimberly Snyder ( – Kimberly introduces me to things I hadn’t heard of or thought of as far as healthy and wholesome eating. As I’ve gotten older, eating for my health and wellbeing has been winning, over the ‘eating-because-yum!’ days gone by. Mostly because I’ve realised that what I eat affects literally everything from my skin, to my energy levels (or lack thereof),
    KimberlySnyder Beauty Inside Out podcast

    my muscles and joints, and my mood. She also regularly features food, health and wellness experts in her podcast episodes. You’re sure to learn something new from each episode, and they’re fun for implementing changes into your lifestyle, on whatever level you’re comfortable with. I’ll never forget when she suggested a quick, inexpensive way of cleaning non-organic fruits and veggies; a 30-minute water bath with warm water and ACV!  Pretty good compared to expensive vegetable washes, isn’t it? You can find all her episodes here on her site, listen on Soundcloud or download on iTunes.


Are you a podcast person? Any personal faves? Try them out, if you never have. You won’t regret it!

Until next time, lovelies!