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? Kristen Shane on Body Image & Getting Real About What’s Real

Kristen Shane talks about body image & getting real about what's real on That New Girl the Blog

Hi lovelies; I’d like to introduce you to another of my fab friends! This time around, I’d like you to meet Kristen:

kristen shane on That New Girl - The Blog

TNG: Hi Kristen! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Kristen, and I’m a 19 year old college student at Florida State University. I’m studying political science and business, with the hope of becoming a lawyer and maybe having my own business one day. I’ve always been the type to put school first, but in my free time, I love reading & writing, going to the beach, shopping, and playing with my two dogs.

TNG: What inspired the goal you have to one day start your own business?

I’ve always been very self motivated and once I was old enough to learn more about starting a company and working for yourself, and I knew it was something I could do! My parents have both been successful in their jobs and they’ve always had flexible schedules. Since I’ve grown up around that, it’s something I hope for in my career as well. I guess there wasn’t any one thing that inspired me to way to have my own business someday, but just the idea of having a flexible schedule, being my own boss, and creating a product has always interested me.

TNG: What’s the name of your blog and when was it started?

Kristen: My blog is, and it began in August 2016.

TNG: What led you to start it? 

Kristen: A few years earlier, I had a YouTube channel for a little while, but that wasn’t really for me. I still wanted a way to express myself creatively, and after looking into blogging, I decided it was the way to go! I was struggling with a lot more anxiety before I started blogging, and the ability to write out my thoughts and create my site has been such a blessing to me.

TNG: I absolutely love reading as well. What have you been reading lately & what are some of your all-time favorite reads?

Kristen: I recently read Emily Ley’s “Grace Not Perfection” and it’s easily one of my favorites now. The Harry Potter books will always hold a special place in my heart, and I loved the Hunger Games series as well. When I have free time to read, I usually just head to the library and pick up a bunch of “girly” Nicolas Sparks-type books or mysteries that make for quick, enjoyable reads.

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TNG: What do you think is the most hard-hitting issue that young women face today, and one way that it can be addressed? Kristen Shane talks realistic body image and young women loving themselves as they are.

Kristen: Body image!! Everywhere we look, ads, Instagram, Facebook, TV, we see these “perfect” girls that have been made-up and photo-shopped way beyond what is normal; but since that’s what we always see, it becomes “normal”. One way it can be addressed is by continuing to acknowledge what’s real and what’s not, and helping women and girls learn to love themselves as-is. 

TNG: Have you personally ever had struggles with body image? If yes, what has your experience been like and how were you able to overcome it?

Kristen: Yes, absolutely! Body image is something I struggle with to this day. I’m the kind of person to be honest and not sugar coat anything. That being said, I was kind of chubby as a kid, not super overweight or anything, but definitely not skinny like most kids, and I think that mentality has always stuck with me. I grew into my body by high school, though. In spite of that, I didn’t really grow out of how it felt mentally to not be tiny like all the “pretty girls” in my class.

Body image was something that was never really talked about until high school, but through inspirational talks/books/songs and church retreats, I learned how to honest-to-goodness love myself. I was in a good mental place with my body for a long time, and I think going to college has changed the way I think about my body once again. But again, I’m working on it and I hope to get back to that good place again.

TNG: If you had to give advice to your younger self, what would you tell her?

Kristen: I would tell her to take more risks, and to not be so afraid to have fun! I’ve always been extremely cautious and rule-focused and that’s often made me more uptight than I’d like to be. This year, I’ve been working out getting out of my shell, and blogging has helped that.

TNG: “I would tell her take more risks. I’ve always been extremely cautious and rule-focused and that’s often made me more uptight than I’d like to be.” I’m totally that girl as well. Tell us, what was the last risk you took, or last time you felt afraid about something, but did it anyway?Taking Risks, quote

Kristen: The first thing that comes to mind is starting college this year. That’s scary. It’s a huge jump to move away from home to a school where I didn’t know anyone, and put myself in the totally new college atmosphere. I adjusted well though, and I think I’ve learned to loosen up and let myself have fun besides working on schoolwork 24/7. I took a few risks this year with applying for jobs and programs in my major, and while I didn’t get everything I applied for, I put myself out there and applied for things freshman don’t usually get accepted for. It was hard to get rejected from some of them, but everything happens for a reason, and I was accepted for a pre-law program that I didn’t think I’d get in a million years!

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TNG: “ I’ve been working out getting out of my shell, and blogging has helped that.” Blogging has been that exact thing for me as well. Where do you see things going for your blog in the future?

Kristen: I look forward to working with more brands, and learning how to do that. I’ve always been interested in photography as well. There’s definitely potential there as photography and blogging easily go hand in hand. I hope that blogging will always be a part of my life. I think it would be so special to keep blogging for a long time and be able to look back at the different times in my life. There’s so much potential for growth in so many areas through blogging (brand partnerships, photography, books, etc.) and I hope to take some risks and continue to grow in these areas! There’s so much to learn in the world of blogging! I hope to keep learning all I can and meeting more amazing people, and see where it all takes me!

Thank you Kristen for all your support and for stopping by the blog! 

A few of my personal faves have been What They Don’t Tell You About College,  I Found Jesus in A Pop Song  and  To the Guys It Didn’t Work Out With. Don’t forget to learn more about her at She’s also on Instagram @kristenshaneblog and on Facebook at


Kristen Shane talks to ThatNewGirl about body image and getting real about what's real