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Kim K’s Daughter Reveals the Harsh Truth of the Fakeness of Social Media

The Kardashians mean nothing to me; and no, I’m not just saying that because they’re some of the world’s most relevant-yet-irrelevant women. They truly don’t. I did come across an article about them, though, that did spark some curiosity.

Long story short, while Kim was creating a video for Instagram, North was in the background asking her mom why she puts on the fake voice she does (you know the one), mocking her and adding that isn’t how she speaks normally. The kicker was that Penelope (North’s cousin) agreed and they were both very vocal about it.

At first, I chuckled a bit. Then, it got me thinking about two things; how unabashedly honest – and so very observant – children are, and just how much of a proverbial ‘show’ is being aired on social media feeds every- single -day.

Kim decided she was going to die on that hill and denied, denied, denied being accused of being ‘fake’. We know the photos are doctored to the hilt, but the voice too?

This story also reminded me of a post I came across on the ‘gram over the past week. It was one of those ‘Instagram versus Reality’ comparison photos. The woman who posted it (she could’ve been a fitness influencer, if I remember correctly; I do follow quite a bit of gym-and-workout-esque people)revealed in the caption that – shocker – Instagram is not real. The photo was her Instagram-ready posted picture (tummy tucked in, skinny legs, etc.) versus her ‘reality’ (belly fat, a bit of arm fat, etc). It was the caption that stood out to me though. The acknowledgment that often the ‘perfect’ being posted isn’t the truth, the whole truth and it’s anything but the truth.

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Which brought me to wonder, ‘Well if you know it’s not real, it’s not really you, why post it?” We see acknowledgements everyday that social media is ‘nOthiNg BuT a HiGhLigHt ReEL’, but it’s one we choose to participate in by telling people “oh yeah I know this looks perfect and aspirational but it’s not really me but here, like it and fawn over it anyway”.

If no one is truly the mirror image of the perfection that they tap ‘post’ on, why bother posting it? Does the illusion of seeming perfect feel that much better than the ease of just being you?

Questions that need answers. We’re in a virtual world of not being ourselves, while simultaneously acknowledging that we are not being ourselves. Wild. While I’m here though, I want to shoutout some of my favourite people on the Internet who are themselves without restraint. People like:

If you’re looking for a dose of realness and relatability in one, you can follow any of these ladies on their social media (all four are on Instagram, Candice and Fifi are on TikTok).

I really want to leave with some parting words here; we can do so much better; and kudos to you if you are unafraid to be your imperfect self on our most-loved (and hated) social media feeds.