So I Bought A Journal, What Do I Write?

Whenever I do videos about my journals, a common lament among my online friends is usually some variation of “I never know what to write” or “I can never stick with it!” I can’t help but giggle a bit when I see these just because for me, it’s almost impossible to run out of things to write about. It might have something to do with the fact that I tend to write as an outlet for a million things under the sun (only children unite), and I want to share a few things you can use yours for.

Also, consider this a friendly reminder that writing in your journal doesn’t have to be a daily chore, and it definitely doesn’t have to be a therapy-session-on-paper or a ‘Dear Diary’ recap of each day. Here are five ideas for when you’re ready to write:

A gratitude journal: This can be a running list, or detailed posts anytime the need strikes, of things you are grateful for.

Quotes from movies, books or words overheard that you want to remember for life

For moms-to-be: Start a journal with letters to your little one each day. It’ll be the cutest gift for when they get older.

Are you thinking about starting a ‘side hustle’ or have a small business? Start a journal dedicated to staying on top of your game in your industry; it can include quotes, notes from news articles, ideas that come to mind to grow your business, and even pictures that inspire what you do.

Start a journal documenting life during ‘the pandemic’. I know, we’ve been documenting every dreary day of lockdowns and mask-wearing on our Instagram and Facebook stories. But that’s for public consumption. This journal, on the other hand, is just for you. This is a moment that’ll go down in history. It’ll be helpful to look back one day at how you got used to it, and how you grew from it.

If you’ve been gifted a new journal or grabbed the latest one you saw (because the cover was to die for) and not sure if you’d have a use for it, these 5 ways to start journaling may be just the jumpstart you need. Happy writing!