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Journaling When the World Around You Feels All ‘W-T-F’

My dad thinks it’s unwise of me not to watch or read the news everyday. Personally, I think it’s just one of those little tweaks that I can make to the everyday to make the everyday – well – bearable.

But social media being the storm that it usually is, there are breaking news headlines and stories I can’t hide from. If you’re like me and it can all be a bit too much to deal with (especially now), here are a few things you can do when the world around you feels a little too ‘WTF’. All you’ll need is a journal or notebook of your choice Michael’s and Target always has great ones) and something to write with.

Also, might I suggest placing your phone into the sea of forgetfulness? Just for a time. The less distraction, the better.

Just Write

If you’re like me and would rather not share your thoughts and feelings about the chaos going on (because misunderstandings, sometimes-selfish-people, and especially because: tired), there’s nothing wrong with not sharing them. I’ve found that the best place to process heavy things is often in a place of solitude. Just take out that notebook or journal and spill onto the pages. Whatever you’re thinking, however you’re feeling. What you’re trying to understand, and what you wish you could unsee. Unfiltered, un-Grammarly’d, un-‘what if people think’. Remember, it’s your space to unpack.

Try One-Line Sentences

If ‘just writing’ on a blank page is too intimidating, start a page titled ‘Today’. On that page, whatever comes to your mind at any point of the day is valid. Thought by thought, with no need for elaborating or explaining, might make getting your thoughts out more palpable. If you’d like you can even try the ‘One-Line-A-Day’ journaling too, that I’ve talked about before. It can be your night-time ritual before going to bed; one sentence that encapsulates your day, what you saw/heard, how you’re feeling.

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The beauty about a method like this is that you can easily trace how your feelings have changed over a week or month.

Carry A Mini Journal

Something that you can keep in your car or carry on your commute is ideal (bonus: they’re usually so chic). Good for while you’re at a dental appointment, waiting at an interview appointment, or on the way home. Thoughts can strike at anytime, and can be inspired by things you see or hear going on around you. Stay ready so you don’t have to — you know the rest.

…and last but not least

Don’t Feel Bad

…if there are days where you can’t bring yourself to journal. It doesn’t have to be a daily task. There may be days when you don’t want to process, think or try to unpack the world. Try again tomorrow,