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An Introverted Girl’s Guide to Her First Job

So, you’re an introverted girl who’s fresh out of university; it’s time to cash in on your years of hard work and coffee-fueled all-nighters. Maybe you’re on summer break from high school or secondary school, and you’re a tad too old for summer camps, yet bored out of your mind binge-watching unicorn-makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Either way, you want to start working (or for some, your parents pushed you on the daily to get a summer job of some sort).

Starting anything new in unfamiliar surroundings can be a bit unnerving. I’m talking ‘I can’t feel my legs’ scary. I’m talking ‘my hands are shaking’ scary. Been there. Whether it’s a new country, a new city, a new school or a new job (or-get this- all at once!).

It can be especially a doozy for us introverted girls. Before I go any further, let’s clear the air of the common misconception that being introverted means your shy. It really isn’t. Actually introverts are some of the most friendly and social people. It’s just we do ‘social’ differently than most people are used to.

Here are a few personality traits of introverts, courtesy the wonderful Michaela Chung, author, speaker and founder of

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New Places, New Faces, New Challenges for the Introverted Girl

Back to the introverted gals. New is exciting, new is fresh, new is a field of endless possibilities and connections. At a new job though, and a first job at that, the idea of new everything can leave you feeling overwhelmed as an introvert.

Think about it, meeting a ton of new people in one day, when you’re the type who prefers one-on-one, deep conversation. Engaging in ‘small talk’ with, possibly, each one of those persons. Having to laugh at jokes that you probably don’t find very funny, but not wanting to come across as rude to a boss or superior staff member. It can be taxing. It is taxing. Because one ‘misstep’, one misunderstanding about who you are as a person or how you seem, can very possibly have lasting effects during your time at a company.  You know what they say about first impressions. Well, as introverts, more often than not people tend to have the wrong impression about us.

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Managing Impressions at Your First Job


Managing Your Peace of Mind At Your First Job

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Starting a job soon and nervous about it? These tips should be a huge help if you’re an introverted gal. Even if you aren’t, I definitely hope you consider some of these tips for navigating the working world if you’re new to it all!

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