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(Review) In Bloom: Trading Restless Insecurity for Abiding Confidence

Kayla Aimee_In Bloom_Book review

[SPON] This book has been sponsored and while I didn’t purchase it with my own money, I was asked to review fully and honestly. All thoughts are my own (the good and the not so great).

In Bloom by Kayla Aimee – Who’s this book for?

This book is for the young woman who tends to fall prey to negativity around her, especially when she allows negative, self-defeatist thoughts into her mind. Kayla Aimee gives reminders aplenty of how much more powerful we are than the negative things we believe about ourselves (typically rooted in a lack of self-confidence).

What I’ve personally come to realise over the years is that my negative thoughts, are mine. Those thoughts live–or die- by me and my choice to let them. So, the choice is mine, and I am fully responsible to be sure they die before they get too powerful.

This book is a great read for the twenty-something, thirty-something hey the sixty-something too, who has moments of feeling impossible and imperfect in the midst of seemingly ‘perfect’ people.

Kayla Aimee_In Bloom book review

Wow, Same

Here are some of the parts that stood out most to me:

It’s an edict for how we speak to ourselves as well. Only what is good. Replacing an inner critic with words that speak truth and life is the first step to overcoming our insecurity.

Chapter 3: Consumed

Learning to love the way I was fearfully and wonderfully made was hard work. It didn’t come from a man who loved me or a best friend who encouraged me or even the very beneficial purchase of a straightening iron. It’s probably the closest I’ve ever come to being athletic as an adult, the way I’ve conditioned myself to replace all my negative self-talk with truthful affirmations.

Chapter 7: Piece of Glass

I am always on the brink and ready to flee, poised to run. Because if I leave first, I don’t have to risk the aftermath of being abandoned. This is what insecurity steals from us , the freedom to live breathless with wonder rather than out of breath from running away.

Chapter 8: Abandoned

It is no wonder we feel like we don’t measure up. The current standard of measurement is impossible to reach. We don’t need to take on more tasks. We don’t need to measure up. We just need a new measuring stick.

Chapter 12: Measuring Up

But…(And There’s Almost Always a But)

I found pieces of myself sprinkled throughout the pages of the book as Aimee related something she experienced, something that flipped her world upside down, something that left a bruise or two on her heart. There are so many underlined parts of this book where I literally wrote ‘THIS’ or ‘Same’. In the midst of all of that though, the level of ‘this happened to me’, and ‘that time when’, all of the personal anecdotes, seemed to outweigh the encouragement for the actual reader. Do I wish there was a bit more of a balance? Absolutely. An equal if not greater amount of encouragement for the reader as there was retelling of old times. Whether the reader of this book may be in the throws of low confidence, or attacks on her self-worth everywhere she turns, or just needs a little reminder of how far she has progressed over the years, she still needs lots of encouragement. I think the book fell a tad short in addressing the reader directly.

Kayla Aimee_In Bloom_Book Review

I would recommend it to someone who is looking for an ‘oh-so-relatable’ read and for the person who feels like they’re the cheese who stands alone. Aimee takes us down memory lane in each chapter and boy has she been down some roads that look familiar to me too.

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