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Effortlessly Staying Consistent with Journaling – with free Prompts Package

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Alright ladies, I’ve been told that at this point in the month, it’s much too late to continue wishing people ‘A happy new year’. I vote that we let this one time slide though, as I haven’t been around, sadly, since December 31st. So, can we? Yeah? Yay!

Happy New Year! Sending loads of new-year, new-outlook vibes your way!

What resolutions or goals have you made or been making (and fingers crossed, not breaking, am I right?!)?

On the subject of new outlooks

Over on my YouTube channel, I talked with my subscribers about an ever-popular life-habit and fun daily activity for many (myself included); journaling. Specifically, the conversation was around considering journaling as a new-year habit.

Imagine my surprise to find that so many of my YouTube friends have dabbled with journaling, absolutely love it, or have given it a go in the past but fell off the wagon with it. I know the feeling of starting a new project and life being-well, life- quickly getting in the way (did I ever tell you the story about that novel I tried to write when I was thirteen?).

anewliseonlife.com_journaling consistently with journal prompts

Three Cheers for Consistency

Let’s admit it, we often start things with all wheels blazing then pause. Then stop. That brand new guitar gets tossed to the side of the bed (or worse, underneath). The next time you pick it up, the strings are holding on for dear life. That notebook starts to collect dust in a corner somewhere. Then we find said notebook five, six months later and maybe four pages, at most, are scribbled on.

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If you’re one of those people who is intrigued by the idea of starting to journal, if you’ve fallen off the wagon, or have absolutely no idea what to journal about anymore, I’ve got just the tools that should give you that gentle pull in the direction of giving it a go again.

But First, Remind Me: Why Journal?

Have you ever had the most rough day, and had no idea where or how to start unpacking the situations and experiences that got you down? A good place to start is taking time alone to reflect on it — and, you guessed it, journal about it.

anewliseonlife.com_journaling consistently with journal prompts

Remember the last time someone said or did something unexpected that brought the biggest blush to your face and changed your mood completely? Unable to forget it days or weeks later? Well, for me, writing about those moments has always proven to be a fun way of remembering them and brought an even bigger smile to my face in moments when I reminisced.

My point? Journaling, more so the reflection that comes with it, has an unmatched way of transforming experiences.  Remember my post Journaling: How It Can Jumpstart A Girl’s Life? Give it a quick read if you haven’t. It touches on the benefits of starting a journaling habit.


From Me, To You

anewliseonlife.com_journaling consistently with journal prompts

I’ve been on a journaling kick for years. As early as I could write, it seems. To help you benefit from it as much as I do, (even if you’re going “But I never stick with it though!”), I’ve put together a package of journaling prompts for you to get in, or back in, to the swing of things.

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Each set of journaling prompts is tailored to how you’re feeling or what your goals are.

You can choose from:

  • Gratitude prompts
  • Self-care prompts
  • Journaling after a long day
  • Journaling when you feel directionless

Or, you can choose to have the entire package. Whichever one you need, you get a set of six free prompts that you can keep on your phone or print and attach to your journal.

These are all prompts that I’ve created myself, with guided statements and questions that have helped me pour my heart or mind out on paper, gain clarity on a situation or simply keep memories that were precious to me.

So naturally, I’m chuffed to share them with you. Let’s get down to the downloads, below:

anewliseonlife.com_journaling consistently with journal prompts

Now, I’m curious; which prompt did you select and when did you first start journaling? Let me know in the comments darlings, and until next time! xo