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How I’m Honestly Feeling About ‘The Pandemic’

In four words, I’ll just sum it all up as: WHAT. Is. Going. On??

Remember when the year 2000 was rolling around everyone was convinced the world was going to end, then it didn’t, then we all just laughed it off and that was that?

Somewhere in the back of my mind there’s a sliver of hope that this entire crisis will blow over just as that and everything will go back to ‘normal’.

Except, standing right next to that hope is a giant laughing at it, reminding me that 1. this is real and not just a theory cooked up someone’s mind, 2. it’s going to have lasting effects and 3. it’s not going away.

And what have I been doing? Running away from the giant. Hiding from him, holding my breath too so that he won’t hear me or sniff me out in the room.

In my little hiding spot (I’ve made it as cozy as possible, wouldnt ya know) I’ve been biding lock-down time, made sane by a few of my favourite things. Wanna see my stash?

I overheard my mom telling someone on the phone that she never thought in her lifetime she would experience a global disease outbreak. Fun fact: neither did I.

Something about living in 2020 with all this advanced technology, smart cars and same-day Amazon deliveries, I took for granted that we obviously live in a world where any and everything could be combatted, avoided, solved, fixed. Diseases sweeping the globe seemed like something I’d read about in a history text book. It just seems almost unreal. So excuse me while I stay in my corner (away from the giant’s reach hopefully) and forge a way forward.

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Tell me, how have you been coping?