Gearing Up for a Vacation or Getaway – Doing it the Healthy Way!

For people who like to travel and explore new parts of the world, vacations are something that they look forward to for months in advance, and that is the highlight of their year. And why wouldn’t you like traveling? You get to see amazing new sights, meet new people and discover foreign cultures. And no matter where you go, or what style of traveling you’re into, there is one thing that can definitely ruin any trip: getting sick. So, to make sure you stay healthy during the entire trip, take a look at these tips:

Prepare well


Most times we get sick on vacation, it isn’t because of anything that happened when we got there. Oftentimes, we have a virus or some sort of illness that we had just before we went on the trip, and then the exhaustion of the travel made it come to the surface. So to make sure you are starting your trip healthy, double up on vitamins, stay warm and dry and don’t spend too much time in close contact with anyone you know is sick. Getting to your destination healthy is the first step towards having a healthy trip.

Ask about precautions

If you are going to a place that you’ve never visited before, ask your doctor, and the locals, if there is anything you should be concerned about. That spans from water which might be safe to drink for people who grew up on it, but will easily upset your stomach, to any venomous animals that could attack you. Most importantly, you need to check if there are any vaccines you should get before you leave, to prevent any potential viruses that can be present and dominant in the country you’re traveling to. If it is an exotic location, doing a full check-up and consultation with your doctor is a no-brainer.

Eat healthy


To stay healthy, you need to treat your body right. Letting loose on vacation and only eating junk food and drinking alcohol is a sure way to upset your stomach, so make sure you are getting some actual nutrition. You are in a new place that probably has some amazing foods you don’t usually have the opportunity to eat, so dig into some nutrition. To make sure you stay healthy, take with you some magnesium tablets and vitamins. If you aren’t sure if some food will sit well with your body, take some probiotics to make sure you aren’t stuck in the bathroom the next day. When leaving your accommodation for the day, make sure you pack healthy snacks so that you aren’t tempted to buy sugary, processed snacks along the way when you get hungry.

Stay active


If you are normally an active person, a 7-day break from your usual activities can be a real shock to the system, making you feel tired and sluggish. What you want to do is try to maintain your regular levels of activity. Forget about thinking “I’m on vacation, I want to relax”. You are relaxing. The evening workout won’t be as exhausting as when you are doing it after a full workday. You don’t have to join a local gym (even though that is an option), but half an hour to one hour of moderate activity will do you good. This is, of course, if you’re not going on a very active vacation, such as a hiking trip. If that is the case, then you need to work out before the trip to get your stamina up, or your travels won’t be one bit enjoyable.


Don’t stress

We can’t talk about health without mentioning mental health. Especially if you are traveling alone, when you are in a new country and don’t have anything familiar, it’s all too easy to get depressed. But even if you are going on a routine trip or a family vacation, there are so many things that can cause stress. Remember to take it slow, relax and think through the problem. There’s always a way to get to your destination, even if you don’t see at in that moment.

Make sure you pack any medicine that you take on a daily basis and a small emergency kit if anything should happen in spite of your best efforts. Now you are ready to hit the road and enjoy your vacation in perfect health! Have a great time!

Staying Healthy on Vacation_Diana Wills