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Calling All Aspiring Girl Bosses, Your Wellness Routine at University Might Be Missing This

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So, the last time we met up, we chatted about wellness and why it’s an absolute must during your uni days and years.

But alas, wellness is something like vegetables isn’t it? At five years old, mum and dad said they were good for us but oh, if only they could make it a bit more digestable, more tasty by five year old standards at least. We know why wellness is crucial but man oh man, fitting it into an already overwhelming student schedule can be difficult.

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Incase you’re thinking “Who does this woman think she is? Expecting me to be all healthy, happy, maintain flawless hair and nails and  graduate with distinctions?” University is only as stressful as you allow it to be. And there are little ways you can adjust your daily routine so that each semester is as smooth as a Starbucks PSL on a chilly autumn day. Or, 100x smoother.

Here are three things you should add to your daily routine to step your wellness and self-care game up.

(And I’m not even gonna force you to take notes. Pin this article to save it for later or if you ever need to come back to it for a boost.)

Find your tribe and grab every fun and interesting opportunity together

As introverted as I am (and have always been) there are some things in life that you really shouldn’t go alone. Can we agree that uni life is one of them? Honestly, you’re surrounded and I mean surrounded by all sorts of people, interested in all sorts of things and living all sorts of lives. It’s almost impossible to not find at least one friend that gets your vibe and whose company you enjoy.

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Social anxiety decided it wanted to come along for the ride when I went off to university. At times I was convinced I’d be better off just being a loner; but that soon became, well, lonely. I kept my circle of friends quite small, and most of all I kept myself around people that didn’t pressure me to be anything other than who I am. Anxiety didn’t get its chance to dictate my social life at school and the fun memories we were left with is evidence of that. Day trips, volunteer days, student associations (odds are, there are loads to choose from at your campus; you can even start an entirely new society! How’s that for girl-bossing and CV-building!) were all there for the taking and they led to friendships and connections I probably would’ve never had otherwise. Many Universities nowadays organise University trips that you can participate in; you and the girls can travel to different parts of the world in relation to your course.  


Take Care…Inside and Out

As University is, for many of us, the time when we first step out into the world on our own, it’s also a time when we need to begin figuring out and developing our own skills for managing life’s challenges.

One of the most important lessons to learn is that our habits drive our lives to an extraordinary degree, and that identifying and adopting the best habits for our wellbeing and productivity is a great key to a more positive life.

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Start trying out different habits and seeing which ones have the greatest overall impact on your wellbeing. You can begin with things like waking up early, meditating, saying affirmations, eating a more balanced diet (helloooo blueberry ginger smoothies, my personal favourite on the go meal), intermittent fasting, and so on.  

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Why not make it wellness routines a weekly get-together sort of affair with friends? Start doing meal-preps and meal-planning together on a Sunday. Remember, keep the meals healthy and wholesome. No one wants to be poorly when that placement interview call comes in. Been there. It’s not cute.


Put the campus party scene on pause

…in favour of something a lot more meaningful and beneficial. A lot of people treat their free time at University as party time, first and foremost. Beer pong, vodka shots, and nights at the club, are all part of the job description.

While partying has its place, you should also dedicate some of your time to getting involved in more meaningful hobbies and pursuits. The kind of things that engage and uplift you on a more sober level.

Think about things like joining a photography society, or learning a new skill while on campus. Not only will it boost your team-working and team-building skills, it’s also an excellent option if you are considering the entrepreneurial route, minding your own girl-boss business. Joining a society or taking an extra-curricular class may be just the inspiration you need to start your own business after you graduate. You’ll get insights into the things you personally love doing, the industries that those passions are based in, and that can very well propel you to something great in the future.

Now that you’re armed with tangible ways to up your wellness and wellbeing, you’re on your way to living your best campus life and on the road to graduating with great memories, great connections, experiences, know-how and opportunities galore.