My Thoughts on Things

These Tiny Treasures – July 2019

Things that have come, gone, and left such a mark on my mind and heart over the past month. I’d love to know what’s been your favourite moments of July!

Courage to Take Leaps

This month, after several gone by wondering if I was taking the right step or just being plain naive, a friend and I finally reconnected to have some uncomfortable conversations. Are you a fan of endings? I’ve never been, and that goes tenfold for people and relationships that I value (and for me to value you, takes many a road walked together). We’ve walked many roads together, the bumpy ones and the smooth sailings, and our relationship took a particularly nasty turn that I wanted mended. Our friendship over the years has taught me pivotal lessons of trust, understanding and worthiness; so life-changing that I didn’t want to see it end, and certainly not on a sour note.

We met up after months of our busy schedules not allowing it, and after about an hour of ‘Remember when’s, laughs and admitted wrongs, we parted ways thankful that the conversation was had.

Moving Upward & Onward

Speaking of leaps, I’d been lacing up my shoes and preparing for another one, for months, and it’s finally happening. In several of my professional ventures, bigger challenges and opportunities have been presenting themselves and I couldn’t be more excited.

Writing is a large part of my work both by day and night. I’ve been searching out more opportunities to write outside of my full-time job and even the blog and it’s exciting to be getting back into other avenues to write such as poetry and potentially, song-writing.

How’s Business? Booming! (And the Bonds Formed too)

That saying “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life?” The lie-detector test determined that notion was a lie. Given a year or two, any small business owner, in fact, can argue that the longer you are ‘doing what you love’ as a profit-making business, the more it becomes actual, pedal-to-the-metal, bare-knuckles work.

I’d been feeling a bit ‘meh’ about things in the business arena, made even worse by the fact that I’ve just been plain tired often. One conversation with a customer though, put so many things into proper perspective for me, and lit a small (but still growing, even now) fire under me that no one could’ve told me I needed. That conversation reminded me of why I started and why my customers need me to stick around.

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Other Wins, Discoveries and Favourites of the month

  • Discovering Tar Mar on YouTube. Not every YouTube vlogger can get me to sit and binge-watch videos of them documenting their day to day. Tara instantly felt like a ‘friend in my head’ after watching one vlog. See for yourself, and let me know if you instantly vibe with her like I did. She oozes a genuine friendliness and you can tell her feet are firmly planted here on earth, something that’s hard to find in YouTube’s top brass.
  • Friends who get you, get why you love the things you do, and encourage you every day to go after the things your heart beats for. This past month of mental and emotional exhaustion, one of my dearest friends had my back when I felt like I was losing grip.
  • Dogs. Just, dogs. If you know, you know.
  • Leg days. I’ve heard the spiel that exercise releases feel-good endorphins. I’m here to tell you it’s true.

What has made July special or surreal in your neck of the woods? Share it with me in the comments, I’m all ears (or, well, eyes)!