Three Effective Ways The Everyday Girl Improves Her Mental Health

Three Effective Ways the Everyday Girl Improves Her Mental Health

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That overwhelming sense of loneliness, anxiety and exhaustion that often comes with mental illness can take a toll on one’s life. It certainly doesn’t help that nowadays, pressures seem to come at us from all sides; whether it’s insecurities from social media, career struggles or worries about financial security.

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There are steps that we can all do, that in the long run, are the beginnings of turning such feelings around.

The girl who finds herself having more bad days than good, who is tired of mental illness taking her mood and mindset on a roller coaster ride and getting the better of her, does any or all of the following three things:

 She chooses to be kind to her body

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On those days where she feels down yet manages to crawl out from under those sheets, even if it means getting ten minutes of movement in, she is always so glad she did.

The girl who chooses to be kind to her body knows that it will help her improve her health mentally. She  makes it a priority to eat meals that are nutritious and also avoids smoking wherever possible.

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She also stays hydrated by drinking lots of water (infused water on those days when the plain stuff screams “boring!”) and getting exercise in, in some form. Before you begrudgingly strap on those trainers though, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything strenuous or lengthy. Every bit of movement helps, whether it’s a fifteen minute stretching routine in your room, or a walk in your neighbourhood with your darling terrier.

She Surrounds Herself with Good People

Guess what’s even better than getting in a morning walk? Doing so along with a close friend or two. She knows that it’s important to be ever mindful of the people around her, and that they’re truly there for her.

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Procrastination is often accompanied with depression and other mental illnesses, so she makes sure she doesn’t delay those much-needed outings. She also tries to meet new people regularly. Getting out the house for some fresh air, seeing new faces and being around people who share her interest and can help her figure the whole life thing out? A total win-win.

She Reflects On the Reason Behind Her Feelings

Coffee dates and Sunday-morning cycling aside, the girl who’s ready to take charge of her mental health still has those days where she may not feel strong enough to do very much, or be social. When she feels anxious,  scared, stressed or depressed, it always helps to know the reason why.

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If she’s having a moment where she’s worried about money to pay a particular bill,  there are fast loans available that are designed to help  through those difficult time and ease some of that stress for awhile.

When a challenging class presentation is around the bend, she takes the time to read up on how to give a good presentation and brush up on her public speaking in the mirror.

If the experience is far too overwhelming to face alone and she needs to turn to a knowledgeable person for help,  phone lines such as Mind or Anxiety UK for a listening ear coupled with sound advice.

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She Takes Stock and Takes Action

There are days when every girl’s mental health challenges may seem like absolute giants in front of her.

She takes small but significant steps to tackling those giants and in the end, her mind, body and spirit are made better for it, bit by bit.

Which step will you be taking to improve your mental health today?

Until next time!

Effective Ways Girls Can Improve their Mental Health