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Three Tips for Fuss-free Journaling in 2019 (Part 1)

You’ve probably heard me wax poetic about journaling before. You probably know that you can almost always find me where the paper, pens & pretty writing things are. By the looks of Instagram and YouTube too, 2018 could have well been coined ‘the year of the journal’. With entire online communities dedicated to this much-adored activity, and new bullet journal brands coming out every other week, it’s safe to say journaling is going to be a big deal for years to come.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about giving it a try but as a journaling beginner you feel daunted by all the ‘must buy’ supplies and the Picasso-perfect drawings and doodles everyone fusses over on their pages.

If that’s what’s stopping you from starting creative journaling and you really want to join in on the fun (plus, journaling is immensely relaxing and therapeutic!) fear not! 

Here are four must-try tips to implement into the journal or notebook nearest you. What’s better, they won’t break the bank!

No stickers, no problem!

Magazine cutouts, book covers, cute fonts on old flyers can double as decorative ‘stickers’ as add-ons to a blank page. This is my favourite way to start off my pages, as it gives a blank page such quirky character and an almost collage-like feel.

Create a key with a few rolls of washi tapes

Using one journal for two or more different things at a time? Maybe you want to document a few different types of lists and points. Above you can see that I’ve used two different washi tapes to mark my pages; the lilac purple one is my key for business-related ideas, and the other for blog related-ideas. Creating a key allows you to keep track of where you’ve written about each topic. Plus, it adds a pretty touch to your journal when it’s closed. (Don’t forget to add the key to the inside front or back of the journal! Stick a piece of each tape used and note each purpose).

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Create ‘One Line A Day’ Pages

A recent discovery thanks to #journalpages and #creativejournaling on Instagram, I especially love the ‘One Line a Day’ concept. It’s the perfect no-pressure way to start daily journaling, because you’re literally just writing one line to sum up your day. Your ‘One Line a Day’ page can be anything from one thing you’re grateful for, one sentence to sum up how your day went, or one thing you learned each day.

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Which one will you try first?

Let me know in the comments! There’ll be a part two to this post, as I’ve got a few more nifty tips that you can consider if you want to start journaling without too much fluff or pressure to be perfect.

Three fuss-free tips for starting a journal in 2019. What's better, they won't break the bank! Click To Tweet

Until next time!