Deal With it, Darlin’! Overwhelm, Burnout and What We Can Do About It

I’ve been abnormally absent on the blog lately, I’ll admit. Missed me? I’m back and I’d like to quickly ask a couple questions, if I may:

  1.  Who do I need to petition to make  4-day weekends a reality?
  2. Can days be 27 hours long instead of a measly 24?
  3. Can those extra three hours be strictly work-free?

I think the exhausted new mums, the close-to-pulling-their-hair-out college students and the 9 to 5’ers by day turned bloggers by night would be eternally grateful. Can you hear that collective “Yes!!” in the distance?


It has been a few weeks where I’m left wondering “Where’d the day go?” What’s worse is they’re usually followed by mornings where I wake up all “Two more hours, please *groan*”

During the past two weeks let’s just say the day to day ‘hustle’ and life in general has taken me for quite the roller coaster ride. Thankfully though I’ve managed to find days in between where I feel more like myself and more rested and recharged. Less like ‘a top spinning in mud, as they say.

Here are a couple of habits and products that have become my saving grace lately. If you’re tired of feeling carried away by exhausting hours-turned-days-turned-weeks, why not give a couple of these a try?

Sneaking in A Stretching Sesh

Ever felt tired right down to your bones? Yeah that’s been me several times during the past weeks. Somehow though, I’ve pushed myself to get light physical activity in at least every other day. Whether it’s 15 minutes of Pilates (it’s like a dose of happy for tired joints, trust me!) or a quick 10-minute HIIT workout; I’ve felt so much better afterward.

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If you’ve got an extra fifteen or twenty, especially at the end of a really hectic day, try out a few stretch routines on YouTube. JessicaSmith TV and Blogilates are my favourites, especially when traveling. Your tired joints will thank you for it!

Coffee Cut-Backs for Something Surprisingly Better

If we’re Instagram friends, you may be used to seeing the quintessential cuppa starring in at least every other post, and pretty much every morning I post on IG Stories. My parents already think I drink way too much coffee, but the way my day-to-day responsibilites (business, blog, and the 9 to 5) go, I literally had no intentions of giving it up…Until now.

Ladies, too much of anything isn’t a good thing. That goes for coffee too, I’ve (begrudgingly) come to realise. I’ve been going from 2 cups to 3 and let me tell you, my exczema was not happy about it, and neither was my bladder. So, I’ve been deliberately seeking out alternatives. Cue: NooTropics’ Rhodiola Rosea. I am a fan of natural ingredients in my diet and for my hair, but I never thought it’d do much for my energy levels.

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Dealing with overwhelm and burnout with Rhodiola_Coffee substitute_Brainpower Nootropics_2


If you need a little or alot of help getting that early-morning pep in your step, give Rhodiola Supplements a go. You won’t regret it, trust me!

What surprised me most was that it actually kicks in faster than coffee sometimes takes. What’s better is that after one use, I felt more awake and alert, without that bouncing-off-the-walls effect you tend to get from coffee. I now don’t leave the house without this stuff. It’s a healthier and more sustainable alternative to coffee and energy drinks. If coffee packs a bit too strong a punch for you or you can’t stand the smell, try Rhodiola at the start of your day, and/or when the 2pm slump hits. Again, you won’t regret it. 

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Putting First Things First

…and on some nights, girl, I’ll be honest, that means no blogging, no binge-watching Netflix and sometimes, ditching the daily-workout.  Some nights, that means doing absolutely nothing.

Dealing with overwhelm and burnout by resting and relaxing

Ever had one of those days where you just want to melt into the bed when you get home? I mean literally melt into it? The way I see it, there’s no shame at all in that game. No products, no gadgets, no doo-das, just good old-fashioned resting.

How Are You Dealing, Darlin’?

How do you cope with the hectic days or weeks that you face? Do you have any must-haves or must-dos that keep you from totally losing yourself, or are you just about barely hanging on? I’d love to know.

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