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Want to Create A Vision Board? It’s Not Too Late! Here are the 4 Steps to Getting Started

1. Reflect on the past year

It’s all about that saying “To know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been.” This first step sets the stage to knowing exactly what you want and don’t want, for the year ahead. It takes a bit of deep-diving into your thoughts, feelings, the ups and the downs of the year gone by. Grab a notebook, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and do a ‘brain dump’ of sorts. You can start with straightforward categories like ‘Highlights of the year’ and ‘The tough stuff of the year’.

How exactly can you take the past highs and lows and turn it into your vision for the future?

You can use the ‘highlights’, in particular, as things you want to build upon, improve, or take to another level, for the new year. Was your skin improved thanks to your dedication to drinking more water? Part of your new year vision can be to keep that up or kick it up a notch or two.

The ‘tough stuff’ or low moments of the year can be inspirational, too. For example, for much of 2019 I felt pretty low about my accomplishments because I’d been surrounded by the huge wins and successes of others, and it made me feel small. So small that I was distracted and didn’t accomplish much of what I wanted to. For the new year, I promised myself that the focus would remain solely on myself and succeeding in my own lane.

So, your vision board can reflect what you want to make right, based on what went wrong before, and the good that can be made better.

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2. Decide on your ‘Word of the year’

…or phrase of the year. This method is perfect for setting a central theme for the space you’re creating your board on. Your word or phrase can be based on the reflection you did (in point 1). Better yet, open up a Google search all the possible synonyms of your word, and let those supporting words be a guide while you’re flipping through magazines and books for fun cut-outs.

For example, when I think of the word ‘focused’ as a word of the year, other words and phrases like, determined, eyes on the prize, only, strictly, spotlight, fixate, concentrate come to mind. Images like a bullseye, a lens, a straight road come to mind.

3. Choose a colour scheme that excites you

This one’s totally optional, but if you decide to go with a set colour scheme, you’ll love looking at your final product. Scan through your Pinterest boards, your saved Instagram posts and collections, for colour palettes that catch your eye the most. is an excellent place to start if you have a colour in mind and need inspo for other colours that go with it. For my business planner vision board, I used a colour scheme of baby blues and aqua greens, with sprinkles of gold as an accent colour.

4. Encourage yourself, too

Use space on your Vision board to remind yourself that you can accomplish what you’re planning for. Adding little quips of encouragement around your main goals and ideas, like ‘You can’ or ‘it’s possible’ is a good reminder that what you’ve set out to do is oh-so-doable; even on the days when you aren’t quite sure of yourself.