What’s on My Wishlist for Christmas 2019

Christmas Wishlist 2019_A New Lise on Life

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Minimalist Jewelry

As I get older, my tastes, naturally change. Remember the days when ‘door knocker’ earrings were all the rage? Then statement necklaces? And wooden-esque bangles? Girl, I wore them all once upon a time or two. I enjoyed a little (well, kinda loud really) pop of colour in the form of jewelry with my outfits. In recent years though, my preference has leaned toward making less of a statement with my jewelry and allowing my outfits to speak for themselves, in a gentler voice at that. A nice red or pink lip? That can also say a lot more than a big bright pair of earrings. Leaning more towards that lately, I must say. I’m more of a gold versus silver jewelry gal. What about you?

Are you a gold or silver jewelry gal?

Here are some of my favourite brands and pieces I’ve got my eye on:

More Writing Material

If you know me, you know. Is there ever such a thing as too many notebooks, too many journals? No. Nope, Nein. Nah. Non. My journal stash kinda speaks for itself; and when it does, it screams ‘the more the merrier!’. I will be, by the way, taking a few of them with my into the new year since they aren’t all filled up yet. For 2020 the plan is to kick my writing up a notch and flex some creative muscles that I’ve let atrophy for far too long; things like my once ardent love for writing my own poetry, and the ease with which I crafted short stories (the last time I wrote one I was thirteen, I think!). So, naturally, room will have to be made in the inn. Here are some new additions to my pile of journals that I have my eye on:

More Pastels In My Wardrobe

In my late twenties and now into thirty, there’s no denying that my ‘style’ and preferred wardrobe has changed. It may be the fact that I don’t frequent the places I did, say, five years ago (reformed party-girl – and some say ‘socialite’ – over here). It may be finally, finally living my life the way I feel most comfortable and authentic…and expressing that by dressing in a way that lets me feel great; not dictated by what the ‘it-girls’ are wearing.

A Few Techy Touches

Content on my YouTube channel and podcast has seen better days. The plans and ideas I have for them are infinite but the time (and space!) to do them all? Yeah… Umm..Sigh… Anyway, the goal is to stock up on all the resources I’ll need to unearth the master-creator that lives inside of me. There’s also a lot of regret that comes with not achieving the goals you planned out and were excited about. With these items on hand (and the will to embrace the occasional 3 hour nights of sleep each week), I’m excited to get ‘back in the game’ the way I’ve always meant to. Sleep. Be. Damned.

Those are the goodies I’ve set my sights on for this holiday season. What are yours? Has anything above caught your eye?

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