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Choosing Your Perfect Planner for 2022

You’ve got 2022 on your mind already, don’t you? New goals to crush, maybe a business idea or two, or just want to be a little more organized and a lot less frazzled on the day-to-day. Or maybe you’re just now getting into the planning world and not quite sure which you should go with.

Here’s my version of a guide of which type of planner might be best for you for the new year.

Are daily planners worth it?

From one paper nerd to another, I would say yes with a quickness but I’ll let a few paper planner lovers tell you why:

Nothing like crisp sheets of paper, I like my phone but it feels inferior to paper, paper is luxurious, I tend to remember more when I write, I can choose my style, colour, texture and brand of planner, I can feel the pen glide across paper, I can physically stick decor enjoy a bit of ASMR with rustling sheets or turning pages, I can look back and tell if I was in a hurry or very relaxed while planning etc and I don’t need a blue light light filter.

Kay Abdullah, @organizedkayus

When your hand touches something tangible and you can browse through and take a look back at it it feels more real for me.

Saelyse Haynes, @lawyergirl868

I am an avid reader so my love for paper is a very real thing. I love the smell of pages and new books ðŸ“šðŸ˜ which is why I started designing my own planner.

Kavita Roopnarinesingh

What planner are you considering for 2022?

What is a good planner?

A good planner is, simply, one that suits three things, I believe; your needs, your time and your taste.

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The three most popular planner styles today fit different needs, time to commit to the planning process, and different tastes (whether simplistic or snazzy; more on that later). They are:

2022 planner_guide_bullet journals

Bullet Journals (and Grid Notebooks)

What is a bullet journal? I like to call it the perfect blank canvas of the planner world. The dot grids of the pages act as a guide and they allow you to make the pages whatever you want them to be. The bullet journal method started off very simple but has morphed into so much more ever since its inception. Now, it’s known as a very artistic, decor-centered form of planning.

The bullet journal (or a grid notebook such as Zequenz, Stalogy or Midori MD) may suit you if:

  • You have a lot going on (mom + business owner + wife + student, for example) and need alot of space to plan.
  • You’re excited about decorating and willing to take the time to set up and decorate a blank notebook (essentially what bullet journals are) as a planner.
  • You prefer a look and layout that you can not only choose, but also change at will (you can go from decorating to as minimal as you wish; you can do a day a page or set up a weekly layout whenever you feel the need).

On a budget? These bujo brands here are for you.

Willing to splurge a bit? Try Archer and Olive or a personalized Leuchtturm (what a great Christmas gift idea).

Day-to-Page Planner

My very first planner was a day-to-page one, custom-made by my secondary school (high school) for us students. I loved that it was a blank canvas for whatever the day had in store for me. I logged homework assignments, projects, reminders, to-do lists and more in there.

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What you’ll love about most of the daily/day-to-page planners on the market is that they take away from the fuss of self-setup. A day to page planner would be perfect for you if:

  • You need a lot of space to plan
  • You’re not interested in doing any set-up work, just opend-and-plan away!
  • You’re more focused on the staying organised part of planning versus the ‘aesthetic’ decorating

The planner community’s most-loved day-to-page planners? Moleskine, Passion Planner, and Hobonichi Cousin are most popular.

2022 planner_guide

Weekly Planner/Week-to-Page Planner

Some of my favourite planners of years past have been weekly. These allow you to set out your entire week on one page, easily see what’s behind you as well as what’s ahead. Sometimes, a Notes page is also given alongside each week. Those worked well for me when I was a 20-something with not much responsibility or business or projects on my plate. They would most likely be your best bet if:

  • You don’t have an extremely busy life or many different hats that you wear, and therefore don’t need a ton of space to write on.
  • You’re a fan of themed planner stickers and sticker kits; they look perfect on weekly spreads
  • You want a birds’ eye view of what your week is going to look like

On a budget? Target has endless weekly planners (Bloom and Eccolo have been my favourites over the years. These two brands are also on Amazon.

Kikki. K also has great weekly planners (ring bound, book bound too), if you want something mid-priced (it’s my personal choice for 2022; one of, at least).

Happy planner hunting!