The Best of Blogs That Help Women Through Pesky Mental Health Days

World Mental Health Day 2018

On my latest podcast episode I introduced you to two little critters that like to taunt me on the (sometimes) daily. If you’re reading this, then you’re one of those gals who, like me, spends a lot of her time online and on social media. 

Maybe you’ve got a blog of your own, or maybe you have a love-love pinning relationship with your fifty boards on Pinterest (hello dream wedding ideas, kitchen DIYs and 30-minute dinners).  Maybe you tweet like it’s your day job. And hey, I enjoy a good scroll just as much as the next person, but sometimes, social media tends to be the source of evenings spent questioning my outfit choices, the home in my head that I should own by now, and considering a career-switch to one that affords me regular holiday trips to Italy or Dubai.

I’m all for digital detoxes and unplugging, but lately, there are times when I absolutely can’t unplug.  So I have to sit and sort through anxiety about past life choices, heart-racing fears about about a ticking life clock (late twenty-somethings, can I get an Amen?) and a lingering sadness that ‘what if’ I never achieve and attain the things that once seemed effortless and more-than-possible.

If you have those moments too, and could use a pick-me-up in a quick post, I’ve put together a list of my favourite blogs and bloggers for you to peruse to your little heart’s content. These blogs and their owners have many times been #relatable and absolutely refreshing because I’d read something and it’ll show me that no, Talisa, you’re not alone. Be encouraged! Let me know what you think of them:

  • Kelly of The Anxious Lass (I love love love her every post!)
  • The Mighty – a recent discovery of mine. Where has The Mighty been? Or what hole have I been under?
  • MindBodyGreen Health – Chock full and I mean chock full of great advice for a healthy you both inside and out. I dare you to read just one article. Dare ya.
  • Resilient – another recent discovery that I’m enjoying and I can find bits of myself and my own thoughts in so many of the posts.
Check this out:   A Tale of Three Millennials and Their Thoughts on Burn-out

For good measure, here are a few of my very own posts that many of my readers have been inspired by:

Who doesn’t love a goodie bag loaded with, well, goodies?! I hope this one loaded with inspirational online finds has a gem or two that you can relate to or a write-up that puts a smile on your face and a little more hope in your heart, for whatever you may be facing.

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Before you check out though, drop by the comments section and let me know one thing you’ve been struggling with lately, or wish you could get some help with. Yeah girl, anything at all. I’m all ears (and eyes).

Until next time.