?? Autumn: Beyond the Chic Coats & Scented Candles

Autumn_beyond the coats and scented candles

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Hi there!

Did you know I’ve got a YouTube channel? It’s not something I talk about very much here, but in the spirit of Autumn and all its amazingness (pretty sure that isn’t an actual word, but I digress!), you’re in for a little treat today. In my latest video, a bit of a light-hearted stroll away from the norm, I shared the things I love most about the Autumn season.

Why? Well, in the next episode of ‘Where on earth is Talisa?’, in a few weeks I’ll be heading back to the place where I’ve planted pieces of my heart. That’s right, it’s shaping up to be another British Autumn this year. That calls for a little Autumn prep. Below I dished on some of my wardrobe wants, tea & coffee addictions, and candles I’m crazy about for the Autumn season.

Over here, though, I wanted to dig a bit deeper and share more of what the season means to me beyond the chic coats & scented candles.

Autumn, You Sweet Thing!

The perfect season for reflection

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re indoors a lot more than usual, but there’s something about the autumn season, that puts me in a place where I’m reflecting a lot on the months past, and the fact that the year’s almost at its close. I find myself journaling a lot more than usual (accompanied by some hot chocolate or coffee, naturally!).

Speaking of journaling, I plan on taking my love for it to another level in the coming months. With my current personal journal on its last leg – last page, rather – I am stocking up on some new ones (I’ve noticed I use 2-3 journals a year!), and these are right up my alley:

Aren’t they adorable? The best part is each of the covers’ quotes; they instantly put you in the mood to write! I want to make gratitude journaling an everyday habit. Not just writing about each and everything that’s on my mind, troubling me, or something great that happened, but a deliberate act of reflecting each day on the little things that mean big things.

The perfect season for reading

books_autumn things to do_autumn

Again, it’s cold, you just want to snuggle up and keep as warm as you can. When English weather is being English weather (aka rainy and grey?), I take the opportunity if I can, to relax with a good book and a warm cuppa. I think the weather is the perfect setting for getting lost in an intriguing story.  I shared the two books I’m buying for my trip to London & Bristol here, but truth is, I’m eyeing way more than just those two. I can get through them both in two months anyway, and then I’ll be itching for another, like these two:

Thinking, Fast and Slow – This is on my wishlist because I’m always looking for insight into how the human mind works. What really sold me on it though, is that the book “gives you practical techniques for slower, smarter thinking. It will enable to you make better decisions at work, at home, and in everything you do.”

Purple Hibiscus – the summary of the book alone roped me in. It’s been sitting in my Amazon must-read list for awhile; it’s time to finally get my hands on one of the famous Ms. Adichi’s books.

The perfect season for bonding

I’m all about sunny, warm weather and the picnics and scenic trips it allows us to take.  Autumn adventures outside, though? Firm believer in those, too. Since the autumn season is not an every-year thing for me, I can’t list absolutely everything there is to do, but these are personal favourites I’ve enjoyed before.

If you’re outdoors

Go apple picking. Have a campfire. Go on a nature walk (or run, or jog) (the boy has lots of these planned for the two of us!). Go to a quaint coffee shop for coffee/tea with friends (my personal favourite).

If you’d prefer to stay in


Whenever the days are too cold or rainy to deal, take it as the perfect opportunity to stay in and pig out a bit with friends. I am not a huge fan of baking when I’m by myself, but a cooking or baking sesh with friends? Yes, please!! Why not call your best girls over for tea and whip up a salted chocolate tart (a la Nigella)? Pistachio & white chocolate churros?

Not the baking or cooking type? No shame, absolutely none. There’s always a rom-com marathon movie night over some gingerbread popcorn!

Over to you

That about wraps it up for me, and all the things that make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside during the chilly months. What about you? What do you find yourself looking forward to most around this time of year, apart from the clothes and copious amounts of chai lattes?

Tell me all about it below.❤️