She's So Inspiring: The Series

Adrienne of Addie Rawr: Turning A Childhood Passion into Artistic Perfection ?

Adrienne of

Hi lovelies, Talisa here.

I’m no Piccasso.

Put a paint brush in my hands and honestly, I can’t assure you that the end result would be anything spectacular. This is the best depiction of me with a paintbrush:


Then there’s this girl:

Adrienne of Addie Rawr

Adrienne is a self-taught artist whose work I came across online. Let me tell you, I gushed over her work, and went back to the blog and online shop several times during that first day. Enough about me though, I’ll let her story and her beautiful creations speak for themselves.

Hi! I’m Adrienne.

I’m from Norfolk, VA and a graduate of VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) with a degree in Creative Advertising. I’m an artist, creative and designer that believes God gave me a gift to inspire others through positive visual arts. If I ever went back to school, it would be for culinary arts, because I’m also such a foodie.

I started my business Art & Ambition in 2012 while still studying at VCU. Now, I produce all my artwork under A&A which will one day be transformed into a full service creative agency.

Adrienne of and Art and Ambition

Addie Rawr: The blog

The name ‘Addie Rawr’ was inspired by my nickname Addie, and ‘Rawr’ which is jokingly defined as “I love You” in dinosaur language. I started blogging in 2015,  after receiving an overwhelming amount of questions about my journey and process as a full time artist.

A lot of upcoming creatives wanted to know how I developed my following or the most asked question, how I created prints of my artwork.

 Growing up, I didn’t have guidance or programs to help me with my career choice, so my blog was to give just a helping hand to those in need of some tips/insight.

I’ve been an artist my entire life!

I’ve been designing and painting since I was a child and just never stopped. Art is what I’m fully passionate about and what I’ve committed all my time and energy into learning more about. I am also passionate about teaching others what I’ve learned. Even though I don’t teach art or create tutorials, teaching others about being an artist and the reality of an artist’s life is important to me.

Adrienne of Art and Ambition and
Notebooks from The Golden Collection

My most memorable moment since becoming a full-time artist:

That would have to be planning and executing my very first art show. Most artists start off by participating in gallery shows, pop up shops or vendoring at other’s art shows. I went the completely opposite route and the first show I presented my work in was one of my own. I did everything myself with no team; from finding the location, reaching out to vendors, getting all the supplies, to creating all the marketing material and executing the show. It was hard and draining but well worth it. As a new artist, I felt good that my first showcase was one of my own.

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The Piece(s) I’m Most Proud Of

My No Make Series was created specifically for a 2015 Art Basel event. The series consists of 3 30×40 fully painted canvas that picture three women with different braided styles. It was the first time I painted women without a fro which took my audience by surprise. My favorite thing about these pieces are the details that can only be noticed from up close and very hard to capture in a photo. The braids are all hand painted with each bend of a natural braid. The background was created using a sponge technique to give a distressed look and the frame about the women were was also sponged with 14k gold paint. It took me a total of 5 weeks to create the entire series and over 100 hrs of work. It’s definitely one of my most proudest series.

The Biggest Challenge Young Women and Girls Face Today

Loving ourselves in a world that makes use be in competition with one another. To some it may not be a big deal but women every day are being criticizing about their body, their hair, the way they talk, walk, how they should act and more. Addressing that this is a real issue and realizing that it tears a woman apart from the inside. It’s hard to tell a woman to be [confident] when she can barely walk down the street without feeling [the need to be] perfect for others. 

Adrienne of and Art by Addie Rawr on challenges faced by young women and girls

If I had to give advice to the younger Addie:

Take care of yourself from the inside, out. Make sure that you listen to yourself and love you for who you are. Take all your mistakes and turn them into lessons. Don’t stress yourself about the small things because it will not matter in 5 years. Your outside appearance will continue to change but who you are on the inside isn’t going anywhere.

Adrienne_Addie Rawr

When I’m not blogging, you can find me:

Painting, cooking or shopping. Sometimes I’m doing all three at one time!

Ladies, Addie’s story and business is a prime example of what I mean when I say one of the surest ways to uncover your purpose is by ‘taking a trip back in time’. She took a childhood love and developed it into a beautiful brand.  This is what being unashamed of your talents is all about, because there are no limits to where you can take them.

Want to find out more about Adrienne, her art collections and products, and Art & Ambition? Head over to any of her platforms below, and tell her Talisa sent you?

I hope you enjoyed this feature as much as I enjoyed discovering Art by Addie Rawr.

Until the next one!