About Me

I’ve been called many things over my twenty-something years of life.

But if you asked me what I truly am, I would say ‘Always Improving’.

Here on A New Lise on Life, I wanted to share with you snippets of the life of an ever-improving woman (that would be me) and everything I’ve learnt and continue to learn, on my journey to be the best me possible.

Happy reading, happy watching, and if you find something great and have learnt from it, laughed from it, or you’re left reflecting on one thing or the other, drop me a line and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

A Few of My Favourite Things:

Cozy coffee shops in Bloomsbury

Rainy evenings with a good book


A gorgeous midi dress & block heel

Matcha lattes

I adore the eighties although I was born at the tail end of it