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2017, You Gem! A Pre-2018 Recap & Free Gratitude Printable

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December, December

How on earth are you here already? Feels like July was just the other day, doesn’t it?

I’m in an über-festive mood, especially since this time of year means time with family (and the Christmas goodies, naturally). In all of its greatness, the holiday season has also put me in a place of looking back at the months gone by, and all the things that they’ve brought my way. That means reflecting on it all…

The good, the bad and the downright depressing

2017 was a whirlwind of a year for me.  I cried a lot and also smiled and laughed with friends, old and new.

There’s a reason I am now hesitant about making new year resolutions. Each year all sorts of unexpected things come my way (and that’s life for ya!), and I then have to adapt to out-of-nowhere changes and set-backs.

Trying something new

Instead of outright saying ‘For 2018, I’m going to _______, _______, and_________, a change is in order. This time around, I am simply recapping the past year, more specifically what went right in the past year, and using it to fuel the year to come.

Going For Gratitude

I don’t wanna keep you too long, as I’m pretty sure you’re doing quite a lot online this time of year! So allow me to share wth you the three things that 2017 has brought my way that have been giving me the feels all year long:

I’m grateful for  the gift of Open Doors

  • From: Several people, brands, organisations (too many to name!)
  • What I’ve gained & learned from it: I can’t allow myself to second-guess my capabilities. Some of the best bits of 2017 came about because I took a chance on things that felt like ‘too much’ for so long. The truth was that I didn’t feel capable, not that the opportunities were ‘too much’. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone brought some sweet rewards this year and opened a world of opportunities, both big and small.
  • How I can pay it forward: No one likes a negative Nancy, they say. Well, allow me to add that no one likes a selfish Suzy. The best way to show gratitude for what you’ve been given is to continue to give similar things in return to those who will come after you. What does that mean in this case? Passing along a contact to someone who needs it. Sharing an emailed opportunity to someone who may be interested but isn’t sure where to start.

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The best way to show gratitude for what you've been given is to continue to give similar things in return to those who will come after you. Click To Tweet

I’m grateful for the gift of Closed Doors

  • From: Organisations and old friendships
  • What I’ve gained & learned from it: A no can either break you down or build you up better and stronger. For awhile, admittedly, I was broken by missed opportunities. Knowing myself, the possibility that I would stay in that broken state for days on end, easily turning into weeks, while the world passed me by, didn’t sit well with me anymore. There’s the choice to either stay in ‘feel-sorry-for-yourself-mode’ as my mom calls it, or look for the positives in the situation. And if you look well enough, you will always find them. 
  • How I can pay it forward: Rejection happens to everyone at every turn. Finally arriving at a place where it doesn’t get to me quite like it once did (y’know, the hiding-under-the-covers-for-days variety), I can now help friends to navigate the doors that may close in their own lives, and put it all into a more positive perspective.

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A no can either break you down or build you up better and stronger. You get the chance to choose. Click To Tweet


I’m Grateful for the gift of Small Wins

  • From: My co-worker and new friend Jacob
  • What I’ve gained & learned from it: You’ve probably heard this one before, but said differently. Personally, I needed the reminder this year, especially since 2017 was peppered with moments of big losses. Y’know, just like the closed doors I mentioned earlier. One day in October, seated around a table with my work team, there was some talk of projects that might get booted off the table; while I tried to brush off surprise and a threatening feeling of defeat, Jacob turned to me and said that it has happened to him before, but instead he choose to ‘focus on the small wins’. Trust me when I tell you this little gem went with me throughout the rest of 2017 when the big losses came. That isn’t to say they didn’t hurt me or frustrate me. I felt the frustration, shed a few tears, then focused on the small wins. They were so sweet though, it was easy. They dried those tears quickly too!
  • How I can pay it forward: This little dot of perspective was so timely, so simple yet so profound and truth be told all  I want to do is tell other people what I was so perfectly told: it’s about the small wins!

2017 recap_anewliseonlife.com_that new girl_2017 reflection

Now, the fun stuff. Now that you’ve gotten a smidgen of what my year was like, here’s my invitation to you to do a reflection of your own. If you sign up to receive my Gratitude Printable, you’ll have an in-hand easy and cute way of reflecting on what the past year has given to you, and a memory-keeping tool of how grateful you are for all of it. You will receive both an A4 and A5 size of the gratitude prompts on one page, and once downloaded, you can print any amount you wish.





Here’s to a year of wins, big and small. This is my wish for you for 2018, girl! And no matter which direction life takes you in the new year, you’ll always have lots to be grateful for, even the little things.

Until next time!

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