Discovering Your Unique Purpose & Forming A Plan for the Future

For the Girls: Tips for finding direction, purpose and a plan for the future

Raise your hand if you’re one of those girls who effortlessly makes ‘internet friends’.


As a self-professed ‘curious-about-absolutely-everything’ kinda gal who reads and researches things incessantly, I love when I connect with other people online who are passionate about what they do and what they can contribute to the world. I’d recently read an encouraging Facebook post by an internet friend of mine, who consults and mentors people interested in starting their own businesses; a girl commented that she felt she doesn’t have any talents with which to start a business of her own.For the Girls:tips to find direction, purpose and form a plan for the future; how do I find purpose in my life

Purpose? What’s That?

She said it in such a defeated way, and I really just wanted to reach through my laptop screen, hug her and say ‘That is NOT true!” Don’t worry though, I didn’t. That’s asking to be labeled a weirdo, right?

It didn’t end there though; I’d later on found another old friend posted online that she’d been having days where she felt clueless as to where her life was going. Feelings like those can be especially painful when almost everyone around you seems to have the life thing all figured out.

It’s like “Wait, did everyone get a copy of the manual but me?”

Sounds like the tug-of-war that goes on in your head?

Here are four tips that I hope will get you out of that rut, and help you feel fearless about the your future! ❤︎


Take A Trip Back in Time

As children, most of us were probably introduced to a lot of different things, whether at school, or at home. Even though it may not seem relevant now, try thinking back on the things you loved doing (whether you were good at it or not doesn’t matter). Maybe you were obsessed with painting, or taking apart random things around the house and rebuilding them. Personally, I had a knack for ‘exploring’ our desktop computer. I always thought something could be a better color, different font, something. I’d mess up the settings of the computer, then sometimes, go to bed without telling my mom what I did. Then she’d wake me in the middle of the night to fix whatever settings I’d tampered with.

When my mom recalls it though, she was always impressed that I was always able to fix things on the computer’s system. Even if it took me an hour. Sometimes she’d call me to fix things she accidentally tampered with!

Moral of the story: Think back on what you loved to do or did effortlessly back when there were no limits on your young mind. Back when your creativity was endless. No matter how ‘silly’ or ‘childish’ those things may seem now. Take some time to reflect on why you loved doing what you enjoyed. It can provide clues as to where you can channel your energies today!

picnoi new ryse lawrence 3

picnoi new music


 Be Inquisitive

Be Inquisitive_Tips on Finding Purpose and Direction in Life


Speaking of childhood, we were all curious kids at some point or another, right? Touching anything we could get our hands on, asking about all sorts of things or people, and wanting to know the ‘why’ behind the smallest things. Although back then, we may not have gotten answers to everything, times have changed for the better.

There’s our dear friend Google. There are magazines galore (online and print). Seriously, there are publications for basically every single hobby, activity, habit or passion out there. If you’re not into keeping a ton of paper magazines hanging around your room, every magazine nowadays has a digital version. The goal is to be in-the-know about everything there is to know.

Flipboard the app and website

There’s a content curation app & website called Flipboard that I recommend you check out. Flipboard calls itself ‘The one place for all your interests’ and they’re right on the ball about that. When you sign up, you get to create as many magazines as you want, and title them anything whatever you choose. Simply search about all the topics you’re interested, and they will walk you through the other steps. You can also ‘follow’ other people’s magazines. This app allows me to stay up to date about things like international news, healthy eating, history, crafting and DIY, and technology.

Whichever way you choose, the goal is to be in the know about all that’s going on in the world and in the worlds of things you’re skilled in or passionate about. The more you know, the more ideas you’d have about your possible place in that world.

Keep Words of Wisdom & Encouragement Around

Imagine this: You’re alone in your room. Probably mindlessly scrolling through your IG feed. Suddenly, your mind decides “This is the perfect time to remind her of some silly thing that happened or didn’t happen way back when. Yup, I’m gonna make her second-guess herself! Absolutely!” What makes the moment even worse is when there’s no one around to be a listening ear, or reaffirm that you – yes, you – are a stunning human being.

In moments like those, keep little reminders around you of your goals, your plans, your worth. It can be the difference between letting your negative thoughts carry you away, and staying grounded and sure of yourself thanks to reading or repeating a positive affirmation.

Inspirational sticky notes by Vision Words
Just a few of the options Vision Words has available! They’re adorable!

A favorite that I’d discovered last month has done the trick for me. Vision Words sticky notes (find them here!) come in so handy because they are pre-printed with a ton of ‘just-what-I-needed-to-hear’ words of encouragement and doses of ‘yes you can!’. There are currently 8 categories of stickies for you to choose from (who doesn’t love options, right?!)

Vision Words Co_Inspirational and Motivational sticky notes

I like putting these in my monthly planner spreads. They’re like a quick pick-me-up from a friend. You can also stick them on a memo board in your room, on a vanity mirror, or even attach with some cute washi tape to your laptop. Sometimes we can all use a reminder of our greatness from time to time! If this sounds like you, then head over to; they’ve got a not-to-be-missed Summer Sunshine sale on right now, too.

Join Or Create a Small Community

Another beauty about social media is right there in its name — it’s social! Facebook has endless groups that you can join around whatever interest or topic you fancy. Another place to meet people around similar interest as you is There are groups for just about anyone there! From craft-aholics, to coffee connoisseurs, and gamers. You can also create your own Meetup group, and start something with the potential to go far! Chances are, you’re not the only one out there wishing they could meet other like-minded people.

Give It A Go

Hopefully trying out at least one will give you some guidance about what you want to do and where you see yourself going. You don’t have to be superwoman and do everything today, but every effort counts. You just might surprise yourself with what you discover, what you re-learn, and who you form connections with! Chime in below & share with me which of these tips you see yourself trying out.



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  1. As someone who works with people to figure out this kind of thing out, this is a GREAT post, and solid first step advice.

    All of this ‘what’s next’ or ‘what am I doing with my life’ stuff starts by looking within- checking in with who you are, but too often when we feel lost we look outside at what others are doing or saying we need to do.

    1. Too true Alessandra. Spot on: ‘…starts by looking within – checking in with who you are’. That first step is so vital. And good to go back to whenever you’re in a slump. Thanks for reading!

  2. The ‘taking a trip back in time’ tip is so true! I still haven’t been able to establish my purpose based on that, but maybe I’ll try asking my parents what they remember as well.

  3. Talisa, you are right on!! I’ve been trying to navigate this next step of my life and I definitely had to go back to my roots to find that ambitious little girl! Great words of encouragement!

  4. Great tips!! I’m usually not a person who likes to dwell in the past, but you are right about needing to look in the past from time to time. Not to dwell there, but to look back at what used to inspire us and motivate us.

  5. I literally did this very same thing like two days ago *take a trip back in time* it always reminds me of the times when i thought i could do anything in the world. You are so on point it absolutely works

  6. Facebook groups were game changers for me. I feel like I’d met a whole new side of the social media site once I got the hang of it and have met amazing ppl bc of it and the relationships are ones I would have never made other wise!

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